15% off Macs at JB!


Hi all… just thought I’d share this here. It usually says “excludes Apple” but doesn’t this time!!

20% off Apple at DickSmith eBay Store

Hmmm. Click on it and there aren’t any macs in the sale though!


I’d just go into the store and push the point. The fact that they list exclusions and not Apple is a pretty strong case for getting the deal.


Given the above advert, yes, you could certainly try to push the point. It does not specifically exclude Macs, yet does list other exclusions. It’s not included with the other discounted brand logos, but that doesn’t mean it’s not included.

The reality is if the head office has said no, then you’ll likely not get very far… But it’s exactly the type of shit that EB used to pull every day of the week. I think from memory that I asked in at least 3 EB stores, when they had their massive “50 % off Everything” (without any exceptions listed) banners plastered on the windows, walls, hanging from the ceilings - Can I please get an Xbox, Wii, and Playstation… with 50% off as advertised of course…

Needless to say, they never obliged… but they now are much better at adding exclusions and specifying what is discounted these days.


Keep an eye out for eBay promo codes. Just picked up a 2017 MBP 256GB (non touch bar) from Myer for $1.7k last week, that’s about 20% off RRP.