1password 6 no longer supported in Safari 13 - Forced to upgrade if you want Safari integration

Just a warning to anyone using MacOS 10.13 and still using 1Password 6 (I don’t want to subscribe to 1Password so have stuck with my older version as it works fine) as you will be offered an upgrade to Safari 13 today.

After updating to Safari 13 you will be greeted with a pleasant message that says 1Password 6 will not function with Safari 13 and that you have to upgrade to a newer version of 1Password (which is subscription based now).

It will still work in Chrome and Firefox.

If like me you were happy with 1Password 6 = DO NOT UPGRADE Safari to version 13.

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FYI you can still purchase individual licenses for 1Password, even though it isn’t published anywhere. Download the app to get the option.


Good warning. :+1:

Can 1Password databases be exported to csv or other non proprietary format for import into something else? I was going to suggest just buying something which doesnt require subscription.

Yes: https://support.1password.com/export/

It would be great if the 1password people released some advice on this.

In the end I have gone with a 1Password subscription to get 7. Too much of a pain to balance 1Password6 on some machines that I haven’t upgraded to Safari v13 and those that have my accident.

What pushed me over the edge was my wife’s work laptop which autoupdated itself. She uses 1Password 50-100 times a day and lack of extension support just wasn’t going to fly.