20% off Apple at DickSmith eBay Store


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Another discount going which includes the iPhone 8 and everything Apple branded. 20% is a nice saving, especially on a yet unreleased phone. Just a shame they aren’t listing the new Watch or I might be tempted!
I also can’t see any 256GB iPhone 8 Plus’sssss



AirPods for $175.20 delivered anyone?

Apple Warranty Period on Grey Imports

I’d jump on an LTE watch…


Thanks AirPods ordered, assume these are from HK?


It’s Kogan behind the name so probably, although I really don’t know. I’m tempted, but don’t know if they would fit my ears comfortably or not. I do quite like my in-ear headphones although the current Bluetooth ones I don’t use because they fall out too much (Plantronics Backbeat Go2).


That’s why I’ve held off up till now. I have “cold water swimmers ears”


I was told by a doctor earlier this year that I had ‘surfer’s ear’.

Yet AirPods (recent gift) seem to fit well. I am a little paranoid still that they might fall out whilst cying (more-so with the helmet strap pulling across them). Have had no movement so far, even when baralleing down bumpy trails at a pretty good speed (and small jumps).


That’s good to read. "Surfers ear, swimmers ear; same thing. Was told prolonged exposure to cold water can cause the opening of the canal to be restricted. It was almost certain to happen to me. Joined a swim squad at 5, took up surfing at 12, still scuba dive as a “senior citizen”


Nice find @The_Hawk!

But don’t forget that anything no purchased in Australia won’t get the 2 year Apple warranty. Personally, I reckon that’s worth shopping in AU for. You can usually get a good deal from JB I find…


The 2nd year is “with the seller”, which might not be Apple. Technically they can send you back to JB if that’s where you bought it which makes the whole process far less simple. One of the primary reasons I recommend buying from Apple direct wherever possible. (They will often price match too I’m told).

Buying AppleCare+ should solve the problem but might just eat up all your savings.


True, but I’ve never been sent back to the seller in recent years. Most of my stuff is bought from JB and Apple still honour it for me I find. I find getting Apple to price match increasingly hard (unless there’s a current advertised sale).


Interesting. I’ve only been there with a device that was bought through Apple and they made a comment of saying “oh yes, this was bought through us so we can apply the two year warranty”, implying that I wouldn’t get that otherwise.

Very nice of them :smiley:


Hmm… Interesting. Well just today I organised a replacement for a watch bought more than 12 months ago with Apple chat online. I assumed because of the ACL warranty… Who knows. At a guess if you rang Apple they would honour the ACL anyway as they’d probably have to fix it for JB Hifi ultimately anyway?


The recent products have reasonable savings… But the iPhone 6s’ they have on offer appear to be over Apple’s AU RRP…?


Myer’s got 10% off MacBooks on their eBay store, use code PINCH5 for additional 5% (makes it 15% off RRP).