2011 Mac Mini upgrade


Is there a modular drop in of solid state memory,
that can slot into the old hard drive void??
2011 Mac Mini with 8GB…

I would like to know
if Apple offers a path to upgrade or maintain
a current system, indefinitely?

So many questions…

I am going to have to bookmark this
and check this again on Monday, aren’t I…

Cheers guys, love your work! <3


Yep - you can just throw any 2.5-inch SATA SSD in there. Samsung Evos are generally the best bang for your buck - assuming you want to replace the current drive. You can also add a second drive to the machine if you want, but you’ll also need an extra SATA cable (available here) to do it. That kit also includes the tool for removing the motherboard (makes the install WAY easier).

You can run latest macOS on that machine, and it will run well with an SSD.


I just did a spinning drive to SSD drive upgrade (not the double drive one though) in a late 2012 mini.

Very easy and took about 25min.


Thankyou so much! that is all highly useful information, which I will almost certainly act upon, greatly to my benefit!! I should really do that now shouldn’t I… or continue being an idiot?

I would like to apologize for using the fuck-word indiscriminantly in my first ever post here… all I can say is I was a bit drunk, and favourably overwhelmed, by the nature of this novel new forum. Are there emoticons? I hope not.


The second type of the question was- has Apple ever considered offering a product that can be retired from commercial use, but maintained indefinitely? I imagine there are clouds of amateur Apple people with an opinion about his. I love you guys.