2018 Macbook Pros


Totally agree. As well as the USB-C port though, a screen upgrade to HD ( no more) as well.
The MacBook might have been intended as a replacement for the MBA, but was completely crippled by having only one port and a ridiculous price for its performance.
And I don’t think schools would stretch the extra $400 for a base MBP, even without the reliability concerns, there is too much of a price gap to the competition, and…previous gen processor!


As an educator myself, I think @iMic has the right of it. Which is why I’m not going to be relying on Apple to come up with a new product line I can convince my administration to invest in. Instead, I’m going to be looking to build my own personal collection of devices to be used in the classroom. At the moment, I can’t afford to outfit an entire class with even MacBook polycarbonates, let alone unibody pros or airs, but I can maybe rustle up 4-6 for groupwork.


This is why Google will take over the school market with Chromebooks, I’ve already seen it happen here where MacBooks and iMacs have been removed from classrooms and replaced with Cromebooks, they still use iPads for some work but the majority is done on the Chromebooks.
IMHO - given that this is early exposure to IT/computing/internet for many children this is likely to give them a brand loalty in the future to the bands that they use day to day such as HP, Acer and Chrome/Google


I did the math last night… cos - you know… Apple Aus Tax n all… But what I found was that the AU pricing - based on US pricing - adding GST… It’s actually quite good - at least - it’s not overly inflated.

The exchange rate is not helping us… It’s hard to swallow the current pricing, when I was able to buy a 13" Macbook Pro in 2009 for $1500… and now it’s magnitudes higher.

I’ve mostly really been a 2nd hand Mac user anyways though…


I paid $1520 for my 13” 2017 MBP. There’s always a sale on somewhere!