3 monitor set up for 2016 MacBook Pro touch bar


So I took the lunch a bought a new macbook pro. I am loving it but yet to be sold on the touch bar. I do love the Touch ID however. I now want to set up some external monitors once I figure our the best combo of ports, ingles, adapters, hubs.

I want to go with 3 monitors at 24 inch. It is business use only, (Bloomberg, email, system tracking, office etc) so no gaming needs. I am curious about the native resolution of 1440p and 4k but I don’t want everything looking too small on the screen but I feel that buying 1080p monitors is a little prehistoric these days with all the great displays available. I work on one central monitor and have Bloomberg of to the right and other apps open to the left thus the desire for 3 monitors rather than just 2.

Has anyone got any advice for this kind of set up before I take the plunge?




I have 2 monitor setup - with the 3rd screen being the laptop screen - so effectively 3 - it’s plug and play, so all you need are the right USB-C dongle.


I’d strongly advise you to use original Apple adapters, and monitors with HDMI. I’ve had issues with non-apple USB-C adapters and DVI means dongle chains… Not worth the grief. I think some of the issues are software / drivers related. But still not worth it.