4TB Seagate Drive paused during backup

Attempting to backup today and the backup drive stopped before finishing. (There’s plenty of room on the drive and it’s only six months old.)

How can I restart it or force it to complete ,safely, please so I can unplug it from the laptop?

Got brave, selected it again and it did another backup and completed it.

Just a couple of thoughts that may be of use

Might want to check your
System Preferences --> Energy saver —> see if the “put hard disks to sleep when possible” is un ticked…

Also if it was a laptop did you leave it running on battery or was it plugged in? That also might have caused the thing to have a wee nap.

Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for those suggestions.

Yes, ‘Put HD to sleep when possible’ was checked so unchecked it! Nodding off was not really an appropriate thing to do 4/5 ths. through a small backup, or could it spontaneously do that?

No, seldom run it on battery and never for backup.

( I’ve been blessed with several ginger cats in my life, one of whom was Buttercup, another Geoffrey.)

Thanks again.

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Gingers cats are amazing! :slight_smile: