A vintage challenger appears

Walk into union office (where I am the elected IT officer), find this thing on desk, informed we can use it:

Have no idea what it is yet (g3? Specs?). Will report when I have time to actually look at it. Apparently it not only still runs, it is apparently still being used by a local that just affiliated to us for their meeting minutes and other records. In 2019.

Calling @Oldmacs.


Clamshell iBook. G3.

I figured that much. But how many of the MHz or how much RAM or what OS this one in particular was running etc. I was probably a legal adult when this came out. Or close to it. Maybe I was in high school.

I have one in my cupboard… and think I sold my other one to oldmacs years ago.

The yoyo’s are notorious for burning out at the connector. Good luck with battery life. Otherwise - they were pretty indestructible.

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If the local really intends on using a laptop, I’ll trade them my 2008 MacBook White running Linux Mint 19 with the macOS theming. As it is an entirely modern and secure OS. Because I don’t think it’s really reasonable for them to keep using this 20 year old machine. I’ll take it for the challenge of trying to make something useful out of it. I’ve seen some SSD or Flash storage mods and various PPC Linux distros.

OOO yes a Clamshell iBook G3!!

And yes I have one that @cosmichobo sold me a few years back. Very cool machine!

They’re worth having just for Nanosaur and Bugdom :smiley:

My guess is it is an iBook G3/366 SE. It would have come with OS9, and capable of running upto OSX10.3 if the RAM is upgraded from the stock 64MB. If they want to use it “seriously” then I’d look at a PPC Linux Distro.

I don’t think I’ll really have that much trouble explaining to them why using a 20 years old iBook for their needs is not a good idea. Besides, with 2009/2010 Core 2 Duo MacBooks being able to run Mojave, they should just spend the $200 out of local funds to get one of those with SSD(s) and max RAM. If they’ve made an iBook last 20 years, I am sure they can use that one reliably for years to come, and I can handle the file migration from OS9 (although I haven’t seriously used 0S9 since like 2000).

EDIT: they have a newer (we will find out what mean by newer) MacBook they have also been using. I will need to retrieve the documents stored on the iBook though. I’ll get it home tonight, I’ll take photos and post what I see.

EDIT 2: The iBook seems to be working, but the attempt to boot to the harddrive fails and the harddrive just makes this knocking noise. I am going to guess it’s borked. I looked up on iFixIt how to get it out and dear lord, you have to disassemble the entire thing. I actually HAVE an IDE external enclosure, and I have recovery software, but I’m not optimistic. That said, if I can swap in an IDE to SD or SSD or CompactFlash, I can maybe get this thing back up and running, but the local’s data may be gone.

We made a little progress today. I had my 2006 MacBook Black 10.4.6 install disc. That got me to the ? folder and then with pressing the C key, into the Apple Logo (before I just got a dark gray screen). Then I get this kernel panic. I assume because the 10.4.6 disc I have is only for the 2006 MacBook. I presume a PPC Linux distro or a copy of OS9 or OS X 10.0-10.4 which is more model agnostic should install. So drive is probably borked, but the iBook itself is probably perfectly fine.