Adblocker recommendation for Safari 13

The Safari 13 update broke my adblocker and I’m now getting ads for solar generators, dresses and industrial stonecrushers again despite never researching any of these items (I swear).

I can’t remember which adblocker I was using but it worked a treat. Recommendations for one that works well with Safari 13 please?


I use Ghostery in Chrome (and it support Safari, not sure on 13), but these days I mostly recommend PiHole, network wide blocking across everything… well worth the investment.

I use Ghostery and Better.

I use 1Blocker from the App Store. It does a good job.

I’ve installed Ghostery Lite for Safari and it seems to be working.


I’ve been using Adguard for quite some time now, maybe 2 years, & I’ve found it very good.

I dont think I realised that Adguard was on Mac… I use it on IOS. Been using uBlock on Mac

It was so long since I’d seen ads anywhere…until Safari updated to 13!
I had been using AdBlock, uBlock Origin and Ghostery and nary an ad was seen, I didn’t realise how lucky I was.
I tried Ka-Block which doesn’t have great reviews on the App Store but it worked okay for me apart from leaving blank boxes on some websites. I just installed AdGuard (free version) and it seems to work fine with no blank boxes