Adobe changing Finder open prefs?



I am going stark raving mad here…

For a long number of months, JPGs, AVIs, MOVs, “media” type files are being hijacked on my computer when I open them - opening in an Adobe product instead of my normal options - ie Preview, Quicktime 7.

I “get info”, choose what to open the document with, tell it always to use that option, and “change all”… yet soon into the future it happens again, with all files reverting to Adobe Photoshop, or Illustrater, etc.

What is going on??

I was originally blaming my wife, but it’s happening too often, and when she’s not been near the computer…




Found someone asking the same Q… and then this link…

Appears to have fixed the problem.

For now.


Nope - spoke way too soon…

.jpg - Let’s open in Illustrator… But wait, just 2 days ago I said Preview…


When troubleshooting a problem like this I like to create a new user account as a test to see if the problem happens on that account as well.
If not, well it’s something funky going on inside your user folder.