Aftermarket CarPlay units


I haven’t done that yet (sent directions from my Mac). I used to do it at my old job but my old company car didn’t have CarPlay, I’m going on a road trip in a couple of weeks so might give it a whirl then.

Agreed completely with Apple Music, specifically Beats 1. My girlfriend and I have differing tastes in music I’m not too fussed what I’m listening to when I’m with driving her since we’re mostly talking so it’s mostly just background noise, so a quick ‘Yo Dingus, play Beats 1’ does the trick.


I love these posts after people just get a CarPlay head unit. :smiley: Glad you love it!!

(As an aside, I saw a disparaging comment from Gruber about that video I linked earlier, and see that they discussed it on the Talk Show this week. I reckon he must never have had a car with it. It’s way better than that video makes out. Is it perfect? No, but dang it’s good. :D)


I saw it. The CarPlay results in that video were pretty similarly to how Siri would interact with the stock Bluetooth in my old company car at my last job. CarPlay’s not perfect, but it’s a hell of a lot better than the stock system that gets put into a lot of other cars.

I’m not really too interested in comparing with Android Auto either because I’m not interested in moving to Android. I’m happy in the iOS camp and CarPlay is the best available solution to the problem.

Even if I had the money (which I don’t) I wouldn’t even consider getting a Tesla now unless CarPlay was an option.


Yeh I agree. I could imagine getting a Tesla if everything else was as good as CarPlay (i.e. music, podcasts, etc) but agree - no reason (other than market not demanding it) why it couldn’t just have CarPlay (and Android Auto!) in a corner of its screen.


Listening to Marco Arment, they can’t even get library artwork right ATM.


Yeh. I was thinking about that as I replied too! :wink:


Interesting listening to those guys (as well as talking to others) about how interfaces in cars are usually bloody terrible and lots of functionality is just missing. CarPlay offers alot of promise when it’s just “your phone” on that screen meaning it comes with all the features you know and love!..

… although lots of reviews talk about how it’s not quite as good and/or seamless as it could be. To be fair it is still a bit of a fringe product, but we can all live in hope!

As I said earlier, I’m tempted by the Android based units I’d love to get a sponsor (in my other life) to give me a Carplay unit and an Android unit to put head to head against a stock Volkswagen RNS510… maybe I should make some calls :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a Golf with the discover media display that includes CarPlay/ Andriod/mirrorlink. With the VW Maps its easier to load POIs such as speed limits and speed cameras into the VW maps. Carplay includes voice control. VW charge abour $450.00 to activate it. Plus still need to use the VW app to change the car settings .


A mate[quote=“recd, post:28, topic:3252”]
I have a Golf with the discover media display that includes CarPlay/ Andriod/mirrorlink. With the VW Maps its easier to load POIs such as speed limits and speed cameras into the VW maps. Carplay includes voice control. VW charge abour $450.00 to activate it. Plus still need to use the VW app to change the car settings .

A mate has a new Audi A4 and he has CarPlay, but it isn’t a touch screen. WAY less nice to use than my aftermarket. Stops me wanting a new car! :wink:


I’m in a Mk6 so don’t have the shiny new Discover system in the newer models which does bring far better functionality to the now very old RNS line. The OEM 330G+ (or whatever it’s called) is another option (which I believe is the lesser version of the Discover??)… Not having a new car means I haven’t looked into that side of things too closely.


I was going to get an aftermarket CarPlay device, but didn’t fully appreciate that they all require plugging in, and that the only wireless one isn’t out yet. How interesting.


That doesn’t bother me. Once you’ve got a harness wired in, they’re not too hard to get a unit put in.

One thing I do wish though, my car had two cigarette lighters, one below the dash and one in the centre console. I really wish I’d gotten the centre console one converted to a USB port instead of the one below the dash. Might ask how difficult it is to get it changed in the future.


I initially thought wireless would be way better…but really it makes sense to have it plugged in, to continue charging the phone (i’d assume CarPlay is a drain?)

Would get annoying for small 10min trips I guess?


My unit also has Bluetooth, but I still plug it in. It takes less time than putting on my seatbelt.


I’ve installed additional points in both my cars for powering stuff. It’s not that hard if you’re a little handy with a soldering iron and some trim removal tools :slight_smile:

In my car I jacked in a second power socket off the back of the existing one in the dash. You need to be aware of the total power draw to ensure it’s not exceeding the total capacity of the circuit, but considering I’m powering a dash cam and a hard mounted phone charger it’s all good. The only way I’d be concerned was if you were trying to run a high capacity inverter.

In my Wifes car I added in a separate circuit (mostly because I couldn’t get to the back of the existing socket) and have hard wired in the dash cam power as well as a second socket which has one of these inserted:

It all lives in the glove box using the two points on the plug for front seat passengers, one running behind the dash to the drivers hard mounted cradle and a spare cable in the glove box for the passenger.
The extension cable can be pulled out and run into the back seat for the kids.

If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself it shouldn’t be too expensive to get somone to tap in an additional circuit. What sort of car is it anyway?


Finally got CarPlay. I managed to pickup a 2nd hand Alpine ILX-700E unit for $250.

Here it is installed in my Corolla (took 2 hrs). Pretty happy with it so far! Certainly nice having the maps on the screen.

I wish the Apple Radio/Beats1 selection was a little improved though. Would be cool to be able to select a specific show (eg. Soulection).


Wow, secondhand units are that cheap already? Great!


Interesting to see all the different implementations. CarPlay must be the only Apple product that uses 3rd party hardware, so Apple don’t have full control over the user experience.

Does anyone have a recommendation for someone in Sydney who does CarPlay implementations?


FHRX or Carbon Car Systems.

Pretty sure all units have to be tested and certified by Apple. (including units provided etc)

What CarPlay head unit (late 2018)?

Thanks, I’ll check them out.