Ageing MacBook Pro issues


Surely computers should last even longer given they have fewer moving parts?


And, with regard to your Nissan example… I don’t think anyone is seriously proposing they use a computer almost 40 years… I’m certainly not! (-:


Clearly you’ve never run a business.

No, computers get a free pass because of their inherent complexity. It’s not about moving parts.


So you’re telling me that Apple’s teetering near the edge of not making profit?

News to me.

Last time I looked they have money to put into making crap tv shows so a year or two extra support for Macs shouldn’t really be a stretch.


To be fair - a company could have annual revenue of $2b, but if its expenses are $2.1b, then they need to rethink their business model cos it’s not sustainable.

Yes, Apple has a lot of reserves, but that doesn’t mean they should make poor business decisions, or else we’ll eventually be back to 90’s take over talks.

@davidg2020 Don’t get me wrong - I hate forced obsolescence. Most of my computers have been purchased 2nd hand and used for a long time! But, I don’t expect Apple, as a business, to continue to provide parts for their old machines that have been discontinued more than half a decade ago. If you need a part for an old machine like that, then it’s off to eBay/etc to find a 2nd hand one. If nothing else - it would be a LOT cheaper!

For Apple to be mandated to keep spares on hand - how long for? How many? What parts? How much extra do you think that’s going to add to the cost of buying a product from them?