Air Pods Pro

No wobbly top on mine unless I’m misunderstanding the definition of wobbly and top

With it closed, put a finger on top, wiggle your finger a millimetre left and right. When I do that, there is noticeable movement and even more noticeable sound.

Mine’s not quite as tight as the old AirPods case.
From what I’ve read it seems to be the norm.

Used them with an Apple TV 4k and the experience was very positive. Had to look behind me a couple times because I thought some noises were coming from the house. One concern I had was bluetooth lag; I can confirm there is no noticeable delay.

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I’m looking to buy a pair so if anyone here no longer needs one let me know. :slight_smile:

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[quote=“kerr, post:18, topic:5189, full:true”]One concern I had was bluetooth lag; I can confirm there is no noticeable delay.

I tried that with the OG Airpods a while back and was quite surprised at just how well they worked over bluetooth. While I almost never use it, it’s sometimes handy when watching something late at night when others are sleeping (and sure beats dragging the long cord across the lounge room :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Big issue for me in the past was issues with connectivity when switching between devices. I.e. if I connected to my mac and then to my phone, sometimes it would not connect. There seem to be no issues with these.

FYI all stores including Apple are out of stock until mid-Dec, but Officeworks have them, and I just got a pair. They are amazing!

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Eh? You may not be able to order them online and get them delivered until mid-December, but you can order online for in-store pickup, or walk in and pickup a pair, at every Apple Store in the country.

I ended up returning my AirPods Pro. The noise cancelling is great and all, but silicon tips meant that any ear-sweat or ear wax makes them slowly move out of position in my ears, losing the seal and decreasing audio quality. Regardless of what size silicon tip I’m using.

Plus, silicon tips have less noise-isolation abilities than a proper set of foam tips, which solve both problems (for me, anyway). When foam tips are available for the AirPods Pro, I’ll probably buy them again.

(As an aside, it took Comply close to three years to bring foam tips for the regular AirPods to market, assuming they were working on them from day one of AirPods being available — AirPods were first introduced in December 2016, Comply launched foam tips for AirPods in late September 2019. Here’s hoping it doesn’t take that long for AirPods Pro foam tips from them to become available.)

Sorry to hear that. I guess like anything, not everything is suitable for everyone.

Seems very slow for Comply to take three years to cater for AirPods.

Not a few days ago - I put in an order for pickup, and was given Dec 20 or something like that - I canceled it.

I walked into Apple store Robina this morning & purchased on the spot.

LOL - must have been a whole release of stock or something!

I often find the stores have stock available for walk-ins even when there are wait times for online. I’m sure it’s part of some masterplan otherwise they end up with stores with no people in them and you can’t have that.

we often hear that Apple is slowing down production of iPhones, but it seems that the AirPods Pro are a big hit

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I think its because they hit the right mix of offering things over the standard wired earpods - namely a better fit, sound and noise cancellation with transparency.

I’m hoping to pick some up in black friday/boxing day sales coming up.

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I think it’s all of that… but it’s also that the standard airpods are a pretty crappy design.

Some people just want something half way decent (from Apple) IMO.

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AirPods Pro are not part of this year’s Black Friday sales.

That does not surprise me in the least, the new iPad 10.2 inch isn’t part of the Black Friday sale either (so that’s the only two products I’m interested in right now not on sale).

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Had my Air Pods Pro for about 9 months. Right now I’m watching a 1974 film (The Conversation) on the SBS On Demand app on my Apple TV. I really do love everything about this set-up and how everything just works together so well.