AirPods Battery Life


How are people finding the battery life on the AirPods?

I feel like I’m getting 10 - 15 hours out of them (an hour each way to/from work + some random other times) and by the end of the week the case is needing charging. I suppose that the AirPods themselves are usually fully charged at this point so that’s “up to 5 hours” more to go making it 15 - 20 hours in total and probably well within the acceptable range.

I’m also noticing that there doesn’t appear to be an alert/warning when the battery case is running low on charge. It’s usually a surprise to me when I notice that little red icon when opening the case with the phone turned on… which I have to go out of my way to do. It’s a shame there isn’t some notification on your iPhone to say Charging case at xx% when the total charge xx < 20%.

In other news, still love them. :smiley:


I feel like I’m the only one that pops the case on charge whenever I can, kinda like my phone. I’ve never seen the case get below 70-80%. Then again I use one of those aluminium iPhone docks just for my AirPods on my bedside table so that makes charging more elegant (and simpler).

I do get about 5 hours of listening time, but I rarely hit that limit (usually on long quiet nights when I’m gaming and listening to podcasts or music). The low battery chime is so ugly though, but I can see how it sounded good on the sound engineers’ studio setup.


On the warning I did get a small beep the other day and then about half an hour later they died. So I suspect there is a warning. I do tend however to check the case open way about once a day.

Add me to the I love them group, fantastic product that are so good I now forward my work phone to the iPhone and take all me calls on there via them.


I’ve had bluetooth headphones multiple times before including in ear style ones with a stap between them, but the strap bothered me and they never quite fit right anyway (Backbeat Go2).

I’ve had over the head style although that was a long while ago now… pre iPhone 3G days, early 2000’s long ago… In those days bluetooth was still sort of new and shiny, so while they were OK, they had audio sync issues with video on Windows Mobile, probably more a technology of the day issue that anything much else. They also had a ridiculously bright blue LED that would flash constantly when in use which got REALLY annoying when you were sitting on a train in Winter (in the dark) with it reflecting off the glass every few seconds.

I’m sure the over the head ones are much much better these days, probably provide better sound than buds and isolate/insulate better (although I don’t know that I want them against my head in Australian summer during my commute).

The AirPods sit very nicely, sound pretty good (to me at least) and did I mention they are nice and freeing? It’s almost like they are not there.