Airpods - Who's keen?


There won’t be fanfare. It’s an iPhone accessory.

Not many people care, realistically.


I like the concept, but am not sure if I could wear these. I’ve never used the stock headphones since the old (original) style ones would hurt my ears after minimal use. (That said it’s been something like 15 years since I last used Apple ear buds).

Are these the same shape/design as the iPhone 6 Plus (or 6S) wired jobs? (Both of which are sitting at home and I could try out).

I’ve currently got Plantronics Backbeat Go2 Bluetooth headphones which are OK… but these looks a lot more steamline (if they’re comfortable and sound good).


a friend told me about these last week:


I don’t know but they kind of look like wearing a seashell on the side of your head. Not really my idea of ‘sleek’


So it seems the inevitable has happened.

9to5mac and a few other sources are reporting that the airpods ‘need a little more time’ with some sites speculating that they’ll now release sometime in November. I really hope this happens and that they arent subject to the ridiculous supply constraints of the iP7+…


It would have been better if these airpods were released alongside the iPhone 7. Now they are delayed again! I know in the long run it won’t matter, but this seems a little bit disorganised, as if the executives’ attention is elsewhere, non Apple stuff, and all the bits aren’t coming together properly.

Given the interesting surface products announced today, the new MBPs had better be impressive or the disenchantment will be big.

New Macs - can Apple win?

Definitley agree. I said it in another thread that there’d better be something akin to first contact announced tomorrow or the internet will probably break. Especially with all the hype surrounding the ‘hello again’ moniker.

New Macs - can Apple win?

I find it unlikely Apple will deliver a kick ass MBP.

Rather I see it as more likely that they’ll bring the MBP closer to the MacBook by reducing the number of ports (and possibly killing off the MacBook Air at the same time) thus further crippling the product.


Btw, I’ve become keener on AirPods now after hearing about the potential of them being the new “hearable” - augmented reality audible devices - sounds fascinating, and may be a better UI to glasses or watches.


AirPods are available to buy online now, I just ordered mine and they will be delivered by 19th December.

Get in quick fellas.


Beats X now delayed until February. Dan I am very keen to hear if the sound of the airpods is better than the standard Apple earbuds.


Shipping times on AirPods are now two weeks.


Jesus, that jumped quickly. I checked it no more than 10mins ago and it was still saying shipping on the 19th.

Who’s keen for more supply constraints?

And why does payday have to be tomorrow? :expressionless:


Not keen, don’t like anything stuck in my ears. Constantly on the lookout for an over ear headset which is decent, but not costing a fortune (my ears are not that sophisticated) and which has a mic as well, for those random calls which come in.


Bummer. Didn’t see this until now - 2/1/17 eta. :confused:

For the record, silent launches like this really annoy me. Would it really have been that hard for Apple to say “orders will go live on Tuesday 5pm”? These headphones were literally the only thing I want for Christmas…


I’m waiting for the reviews. I can’t wear EarPods for more than 20-30 minutes. Hoping these fit better (heard mixed comments from the hands on area at the announcement).

I wish Apple would make a Lightning or wireless version of these. I’d buy in a heartbeat.


I’ll try to remember to report back here my thoughts on them, but I’m super keen.


I’m not 100% on this but I have heard there might be stock in stores next week, at least in America there will be and they have even less stock than us it seems as their shipping times have moved to January.

So, there’s a chance you may be able to line up to get some. Not ideal but If it’s true, it’s another chance at getting your hands on a pair.


If they have very limited stock, there’s no point advertising a specific launch date and time - the backlash would be immense if they only had a few hundred to go around.


Just chatted online to an Apple specialist and they confirmed it should be in stores some time next week, I would safely guess that would be Monday the 19th, the same day I’ll get mine delivered to me.