Airpods - Who's keen?


Would love to try a pair of these in store, but unsure if they will be allowing something you put in your ears available for try?


I’ll try a store on Monday I guess… :slight_smile:


I still have uncharitable thoughts when I see someone wearing a bluetooth ear piece and am concerned the same might apply with the Airpods… time will tell!


I am torn. Wasn’t going to get them but now may just be try a store…


I bought a pair. Delivery scheduled for Monday! I’ll report back here if they are any good.


If these were priced about fifty to one hundred dollars lower I would buy sound unheard for Christmas. As it is I will sit it out to hear user experiences before buying.


I think I’m going to do this too, just checked and online shipping has slipped to 6 weeks. Dammit, always a day late with payday :|.

Look forward to it, I’ll be interested to see how they compare to wired ear pods seeing as they have the same form factor but with more tech stuffed into it.


Regular EarPods and my ears don’t mix but curious to know if these fit any better. There were mixed reviews from the hands on area during the announcement and not having a cable for the to tug on might help.


The form factor looks the same. The earbuds fit very well to my ears.

Edit: actually they are slightly bigger and slightly different shaped:


You got a pair already?


judging by the Appleinsider watermark I’d say they’re not his/hers.


General consensus among the Applesphere seems to be:

  • the final product sounds better than the prerelease hardware and probably better than EarPods.
  • they either fit better and/or the lack of downward force from the cable makes a significant difference.

Considering the lack of risk with Apple’s return policy, I’m keen to give them a whirl.

Is anyone in Brisbane planning on getting one from CBD next week? Mind grabbing an extra and meeting up after work? :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh I caught that, but the comment about them fitting well to their ears was what made me curious.


Alright I’ve just gotten off the phone to my local Apple Store and they have confirmed that the AirPods will be in stores on Monday the 19th of December, but in very limited quantities.


I’ve just received mine, I’m going to give them a good testing today while I go out and I’ll post my thoughts on them


Just got mine too. First Apple product I’ve gotten with Vietnamese stickering on the box. Are yours the same?


Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thinking about trying my luck at the Adelaide Apple Store later today. :no_mouth:


Mine does too, odd.


Oh if you wanna try your luck I’d get down there as quick as you can


That’s what I’m thinking, but I won’t be in town until later today.

I’m not fussed either way, if I don’t get them I can live vicariously through the reviews and other forum members :wink: