Allow VNC access for specific computer


I have a Snow Leopard machine and I want to VNC to a remote Yosemite machine to use Screen Sharing. SL doesn’t have Back to My Mac.

Is there either a way to find and enter the iCloud address of the Yosemite machine in the SL Screen Sharing connection field to connect, or failing that:

Open up the router/firewall or whatever on the remote machine to allow for VNC from the SL mac - via MAC address or IP address? Oh and for File Sharing as well.


I’m lazy these days, and instead of faffing about with port forwarding would probably just use TeamViewer.


I second this. TeamViewer is money well spent for me in my work and I think it’s even free for personal use!


Yep, team viewer is free for personal use and works across platforms very nicely which allows me to fix mums computer regardless of which machine I’m sitting on at the time.