Alternatives to Final Cut X and Adobe Premier


Just asking if there are any alternatives to these two. I know that they are pretty well the industry standard, however, I am not looking to fork out $500 for editing a few GoPro and drone videos here and there. I find iMovie a little to basic.


You find iMovie too basic? :thinking:


That’s probably just about the only thing I miss from the PC, after moving to Mac several years ago.

In a word (well, two words): Sony Vegas.

Good lord that program is a great video editor.

OP, you might like Avid First; it’s free and Avid is a Pro grade editor. Disclaimer, I haven’t tried it.


When I was at uni, we only used Final Cut Pro except for a 2 week course in Avid - before abandoning it because they couldn’t get it to talk to their new Sony HD Cameras… So I finished my film degree having never used the industry standard.

Of course, I wasn’t that upset, because Apple was making real inroads with FCP at the time…

Back in 2007-ish, Avid offered a student download version that was kind of like Avid First… And Apple had Final Cut Express - similar thing by the looks - less grunt compared to the full version, but still a fairly capable editing package. Shame FCE isn’t still an option.


If you are eligible for Apple Education pricing you can get Final Cut X cheaper as part of a bundle here: