Am I the only idiot who didn't know you could plug a micro USB into a USB 3 connector?


Bought a new camera and saw this in the manual. I can’t believe this is the first time I have heard about this, but everyone I’ve chatted also doesn’t know it.


you can do what now? Got a pic from the manual?


Look at the right side of the connector. It’s a standard micro usb connector so you can plug a micro usb into half the connector and it still works (although at USB 2 speeds)


Huh! I didn’t know that either…


Aaaaah… I see what you’re getting at. I did actually know that! It’s very handy in a pinch when you can’t find the adapter for your USB 3 HDD. (and even die hard Apple nerds have a pile of micro USB cables floating around for other devices).


What sorcery is this…???


Is this for any USB 3 device with the B connector? Or just the camera?


Any device from what I can see. I’ve tested it on other devices and it also works, and someone I spoke to said he was aware of this for USB drives as well.


Just confirmed it works with my USB 3.0 Sony SSD as well, so it definitely seems to apply to all USB 3 devices