An introduction to Discourse


I’m not an advocate of mute features on forums, but this just sounds like a developer making excuses for either being lazy or not knowing how to implement the feature.


I’m all for opinionated software personally - a thousand nos for every yes and all that :smile:


I love the new forum software, it works better and looks cleaner, but…

The lack of any kind of app to use it from drives me crazy. I miss the convenience of being able to use an app. The Discourse app that was in the App Store never worked for me, it would never let me log in. Though now, the app has been pulled from the App Store. So there’s not really any hope now of being able to use this in an app anymore.


The web app/ mobile version works quite well. It just lacks notifications. Otherwise, you can attach/upload files/photos - no issues really.


It works okay, but it has to reload when multitasking to another app and switching back.


You mean if you add it to your home screen? Nothing we can do about that, that’s on Apple.

I’ve just been using AppleTalk in a Mobile Safari tab. Seems to work fine.


True but you can also use Facebook in mobile safari, much nicer on a dedicated app


Hardly a valid comparison, there’s plenty more the Facebook app does that the mobile website doesn’t. There’s gaps between Discourse on mobile too, but nothing show-stopping.

But yeah, there’s an “app” available in the form of a web app. The refreshing thing is annoying, I agree — so do like I do and use it in a Mobile Safari tab.


Although it still works being in the mobile safari tab, it’s still always better being a dedicated app. Hopefully someone makes an app for it eventually.


True, this could be slowing the growth of the forum…it does take some getting use to and actual effort…you have to actually figure it out…and that can be a big deterrent. That been said, after I started to figure it out I love it…but…I wanted to because of nostalgia


The sooner that a working dedicated app for Discourse comes out, the sooner ill be happy


Out of our hands, buddy. Go ask for it on Meta, or wait for someone to release an app.


The mobile Safari view is continuing to evolve over time (it’s changed again in the most recent update we applied on Monday night). Given that it’s a development focus, I don’t think a native app is on the roadmap.


I much prefer it being in Safari personally. Makes it easier for me when browsing to just go to the bookmark than having to go through another app.


That’s very unfortunate.


Discourse is some amazing software. I think I am going to roll up a deployment soon to demo it for someone. Hopefully they like it as much as I do.


Agree I love it.


I’ll second that… the installation is easy… just rolled it out in about 10mins… now tinkering :slight_smile:


Seems nice :wink:

Wasn’t surprised to see MTAU dead.


Welcome! Long time no see :slight_smile: