Annoying message occurs 3 times after Start up


43 am

Slows everything to a crawl. I have checked the server indicated - no luck - I have checked Network - nothing. Is there a script I can put into Terminal to discontinue this annoyance? Driving this…
07 pm


Is there a reference to that server in your Login Items in System Preferences -> Users & Groups?

If so, delete it.


No. But I have junked everything else that I do not need. Thanks soulman. Let’s see when I open up in the morning.


No worries mate. I assume you’ve had that MacBook Pro hooked up to it at some stage. Can you hook it up again and see what happens?

I checked here with my server volumes and I can’t see any other way of making the system look for them at startup. There obviously is a way, but I’m just not sure what it is right now, sorry.

You might also want to open Console and look at the log while all this is going on. There may be something there that makes some sense.


Ah soulman… whatever it was, it worked. The little bugger has departed. Yes, it is my wife’s Macbook and I did try hooking it up again and then unhooking. Sometimes crazy stuff happens. But glad you could help, it was an irritation. Thanks.