Annoying transient window flicker

Hi all. I’ve got a problem that I don’t even know the name of, so it’s hard to google for a solution. At random intervals (but about 5-10 times per hour) my screen will have just a flash of activity near the bottom - it looks like some process is starting to draw a screen and then rapidly hide/disappear it, so it’s just a flicker/flash. I can’t find any programs open that use a screen in that lower position (bottom 20%, most or all of the width).

I haven’t been able to find any way to induce it, it just seems random. Mostly happens in Safari, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it while in other programs too.

Any clues? Computer is functioning well otherwise, but it gets annoying.

Using a 2018 macbook pro 13" running 10.14.6.



I presume you’ve run scans for viruses/malware/adware? Macs are no longer free of this stuff, not since Apple has become such a major force in popular consciousness. If I saw something like that, I’d presume it was a program running in the background. It may not show up in the GUI places, you may need to check system monitor and look for unusual processes. It certainly isn’t normal behavior for any legitimate program.

Yes, I wondered that too. But I’ve been running full scans by ClamXAV and Malwarebytes, nothing showing up. I wondered if it could indicate problems with the GPU - which is relevant, because my one year warranty finishes in a couple of weeks. I’d take it in to a service centre, but it’s not something you can just show people, because it’s so fleeting and unpredictable.

I’d take it in any way, if you are still under warranty. At least then, if you have a record of it, and it gets worse and turns out to really be the GPU, you can prove you already brought the issue in and it’ll more likely be covered. Of course, if you bought this in Australia, Australian Consumer Law, ought to give you at least two years I would think. The GPU is a major component.

Thanks, that sounds like good advice.

The only time I’ve seen stuff like this, and I’ve seen it a few times, the problem was the GPU.

Perhaps try creating a new user account and using that for a while. If it’s happening there it points slightly more strongly toward GPU issues. Not conclusive, but indicative.

I would definitely get it looked at.

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