Anyone else getting spam invitations to Reminders, Photos, iCloud & Calendar?


Apparently it’s a thing lately. I’ve figured out how to get rid of some of them (divert to gmail and Google’s spam filter takes care of it) but they’re still getting to my Reminder app. So annoying. How on earth did Apple drop the ball on something like this? Seems like a no-brainer to not allow people to spam you invites.


I’m getting spam calendar invites which is so annoying


I can’t remember the exact steps but you can stop the calendar ones by diverting them to gmail or something similar with powerful anti-spam filters.


I was going through various settings at some point and I’m almost sure I came across something that would only allow invites etc. from contacts. If I find it again I’ll give details. Might have been in Calendar.


A few days ago I got a couple of spam calendar invites within the space of a few hours, but I haven’t received any since.


You can stop the invites from going straight to your Calendar app by signing into iCloud via your browser:

Open Calendar
Select Settings (cog icon, bottom left corner)
Go to the Advanced tab
Select the ‘receive via email’ option.


Yep I got a spam calendar invite over the weekend for the first time ever.


Me too. Bloody RayBan. Used to get spammed messages, now they moved to calendar. Bastards


Just got hit with this too… bloody spammers!


My guess is apple will shut it down soon


Apple released a statement. They’re working on it.


so do we know what the ‘fix’ for this is? my partners new iphone is ‘infected’ with a continuous series of calender events.


I don’t know about Apple doing anything Natakim. At the time I followed Mrjesseross’ solution above and it stopped.


cool, have done the same. thanks