App Compatibility


I’m just glad only one app that I don’t actively use (old learner log book) is affected on my phone.

I agree with Angus, in that if I see an app that isn’t 4.7" or 5.5" optimised, I’m suspicious and hesitant. This is something that needs to be enforced, too, just as 32-bit is. Developers get slack, or worse, don’t realise that optimising for new devices is necessary.


I did send Apple some feedback that they should indicate in the App Store which Apps are 32 bit apps.

That way you can make a decision before you purchase the app whether you want to buy it or not as it may have a limited life.


I suppose the only alternative is to not update iOS (which for some isn’t event an option). Although does this mean that older 32bit apps wont be available in the future, even for people with compatible devices? What about if you have the files yourself? Will iTunes still allow you to keep and sync those to compatible devices? Or do you need to keep an older version of iTunes too?!

I’ve already got a could of choice apps that I make sure I’ve kept in iTunes…


I don’t think anyone really knows what the deal is with this is. My understanding is that App developers MUST have a 64bit version of their App on the App Store and the 32bit version is allowed but only if they have a 64bit version as well. I thin that the old 32bit only apps will disappear, but apps with both will remain as 32bit devices (A6 and backwards) will still run these.


ahhhh. maybe this is like when you have an old iPod Touch (30 pin) and try to load a current app that requires iOS7+ and is offers to give you the old version instead. Interesting.


Better off just pulling the app entirely IMO. Best to protect people from themselves.


Only thing is some of the apps will still work on older devices which can’t update to iOS11. Our iPad 2 still runs the older apps fine, so the games she likes to play are still fine for that device.

It would be a shame if all of those older apps just went away.


As it stands at the moment you can still download previosuly purchased apps that have been pulled from sale from the App Store via the Purchases tab. Hopefully that will remain.


Sadly that is not the case for all apps. When Stanza went, it went from purchased as well. There are probably others but thats one I know of because I still use it for downloading books, and then being able to save them out via itunes. I don’t have any other readers I can do that with (suggestions anyone?)

Apart from Stanza which won’t keep working, I also have Bookworm, Azkend and Wallet. I’ve written to Acrylic software devs to get Wallet updated (they did it for the Mac version) but if they dont do it, oh well, I have got my alternative in place. I dont much care about the games, I have old devices I can use if I really want to play them.