Apple 30 October 2018 Event thread


I’m going to have to update as my MBA is probably going to die soon. Getting lots of screen flickering which - no joke - became worse during the keynote. #conspiracy

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As you are no doubt aware you can pretty much take 10% off those prices of the Macs due to JB Hifi’s almost permanent 10% off sale.[/quote]

I’d suspect JB Hifi (and other retailers) may hold off doing a sale with the new releases, or exclude the brand new models. Maybe.

Right now I have $672 of PTV reward credit (for doing weekly travel diaries/surveys). These vouchers can be redeemed at JB Hifi, Myer, David Jones and other retailers, although only the named ones sell Apple gear.

So effectively, I can knock $672 off the price of the system, allowing me some room to upgrade (say 128 to 256gb storage).


I’d be surprised if JB wound’t do you a deal. They don’t care generally. :slight_smile:

I definitely think you should get the Air not the 12-inch. The more I think about it, the more I like it. :slight_smile:


Thinking its time to replace my 1st gen 12.9" iPad Pro. I can’t decide between the 11" or another 12.9"

Any suggestions welcome :thinking:


Everyone is saying the 12.9 is now in a lot smaller case - so maybe worth staying?


Those iPad Pro prices are getting crazy, but then it feels like much of their pricing is going that way.

Now if the iPad was capable of docking and running OSX along with all that native app goodness… well then you’d have something that might interest me. Otherwise iOS just feels way too limiting as a main computer. I do understand though that many people can and do use them like that… and it seems Apple want more people in that camp too.


I do, my poor old Mini rarely gets used except as a Plex server, and my Macbook sits under the ipad to get the kb closer to the right height for me. I never intended that it should be that way, but as my needs and wants have changed… thats what happened. It was accidental rather than intentional.


I’m definitely in the market to upgrade our home server Mac Mini - still rocking my self-upgraded 2012 quad core.

But the six-core is tempting.


you upgraded the cpu?


The girls’ Christmas presents are sorted with the new MBA. One each.

There is no point to the rMB now. They won’t sell any. A one port cripple. In fact maybe they should just transfer the internals of the new iPad Pro into the rMB form factor and run Mac OS on it. That would be an interesting test bed. Price positioning between the iPad Pro and the MBA would be a problem though.

I am sad they didn’t release a new iMac or iPad mini.
I am ropable at the price Apple charges for a bigger SSD in the Mac Mini. That is theft pure and simple. Why it isn’t socketed like the RAM is really lame.
If I had to buy a machine today, I would probably get the mini with an i7 and no RAM or SSD upgrades, and get myself a decent NAS like I have been planning to do for storage, and increase the RAM myself. Or maybe instead of a NAS I might get a TB enclosure for an SSD (no doubt still cheaper than Apple SSD prices). Otherwise I will wait and see what they do with the iMac.

You fully spec out the Mac mini (i7, 2TB SSD, 64GB RAM, $6659) before you even start talking display options, keyboard and mouse and you might as well get a iMac Pro.


Wait for the modular Mac Pro at that price.


Thinking seriously about a Mac Mini i7 with 512SSD and then upgrading the memory myself.


I wouldn’t hold your breath… :grimacing: I expect the Mac Pro to start around $6k.


Apple SSDs are normal SSDs. They are like twice as fast (two striped blades in one piece), and they can’t be removable because the T2 is paired with them for drive encryption etc… I agree they are expensive, but they are less of a gouge now compared to 3rd party given they do actually have some extra benefits.


Apple offered a quad CPU in the 2012 models. :slight_smile:


Okay, so in that case, when the 3,1 fails, I just don’t see any reason not to Hackintosh if I want to stay with macOS and still have modularity. Sad, but we know that ultimately Apple is a device company, not a software company. I’m dual booting Linux Mint 19 on the MBP you sold me, I’m going to start the process of transitioning away from macOS. I won’t be able afford it when the convergence is complete and iMacOS devices are all on A-line chips.


That level of SSD performance is a waste in a mini. The benefit of a replaceable, socketed drive would outweigh the marginal increase in performance.


Which wouldn’t be too bad actually. I can remember when a Macintosh II cost almost $10k in REAL AUD.


Didn’t the Trashcan start at like $2200 or something something USD? Now, I realise that is quite a bit more more AUD, but it’s not unreasonable at all. But something like $4K USD would be excessive as a starting price in comparison to Trashcans or the Cheesegraters. Do not want.


Sinply couldn’t disagree more. :man_shrugging:

Mac minis are servers these days. Disk speed has been the biggest speed increase in computing for the last 10 years. The more the better.


The trashcan Mac Pro started at $3k in the US, the original 2.0GHz QuadCore started at $2200.

With the AUD heading south fast, I expect it to get a lot closer to 60 cents US by next year… :frowning:

The items that will bring up the price of the Mac Pro are the RAM, SSD and CPU/GPU options. While the BASE 2019 Mac Pro might not be $6k, the SSD options alone will skyrocket the price :confused: