Apple 30 October 2018 Event thread


Samsung (Android??) DEX does something like this, effectively Android on a bigger screen with a keyboard and mouse.

I like the idea and the direction, those coming from older computers especially can just plug in their phone and sit down at he desk when they want to do more intensive things… like reading Facebook and replying to lots of emails :stuck_out_tongue:

While it’s a step in the right direction, access to a real desktop OS and apps is my ultimate dream. It’s a bit of a shame that Windows Mobile has died as that had a lot of potential in this space.


Having read this and compared the results, I’m pretty convinced the MBP is the best option. I’ll still wait until Wednesday and compare the two in-store.


For those playing at home, I may have jumped the gun and bought a MBP today.

Reading on OzBargain that a few retailers were having a 10% off sale, Myer was one of them. $2199 13" 256gb MPB came to $1979. Then take off $670 in voucher credit, so we’re down to $1309. Plus there was the added benefit of MyerOne points on top.

Went to the local Werribee Myer, only to find that this location only does MBA and iPads. Pissed off, I couldn’t find a staff member to ask if they did have MBP or which nearby stores would, so left and went next door to JB Hifi.

Said straight up “will you match Myer’s 10%?” - “Yep!”. Done deal. I kinda wanted the space grey, but he only had silver in stock. Not a huge drama though.

Whilst I don’t think Myer will really care, it would’ve been nice to know which locations had the full MacBook range (pretty sure Knifepoint does), as I would’ve gone straight there. Lost sale as a result.

So that’s the story of my $1309 new MacBook Pro. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.


Well done. And nice to know JB was willing to play ball. Does JB have points?


Does anyone know how this was determined, yet? Surely there have to be more than 100 million Macs currently running. The question is, what Macs are being counted?


I’m unsure… According to online market share counter things, about 1.19 percent of all Macs are running Snow Leopard, 0.16 are on Leopard and 0.04 on Tiger. Some of that Tiger and Leopard would be Intel and some might be PPC.


Nope, no real benefits. To be honest the reward points don’t concern me too much, just really an added bonus.

The register girl was a bit salty at having to input 8 individual voucher codes though.


If I had to buy a laptop right now, I think I might do the same Andy.

The 2018 MBA scores 4248 on the Geekbench single-core test and 7828 on the multi-core test.
The 2017 MBA scores 3335 and 6119
The 2017 MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar scores 4314 and 9071 (AndyB’s purchase)
The base 2018 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar scores 4504 and 16464.

What I would really like is an updated iMac or a 15 inch MBP without Touch Bar.


I’d buy a 15-inch without dGPU and without touchbar in a heartbeat.