Apple At Home Advisor


Anyone worked as At Home advisor? What’s average salary? I have worked in various technical support roles before and have broad knowledge of apple products and troubleshooting etc.



I read it too! Just wondering if I can have a exact number what they pay!


sorry I can see this was posted a while ago, haven’t been here for a bit.

I think the pay is around the $55k mark for an AHA.


Starting salary was $45,300. But, with penalty rates and overtime, etc., I grossed something like $53,000 in my first year as an AHA. Big jump to over $55k base when you get forced into doing Level 2 after 9-12 months.

You’ve really got to be made of the right stuff to work for Apple. The demands for excellence are huge, and thus, so is the accompanying stress. If you can handle that, you’ll go far. If not, you’ll flounder like I did. Good experience, though.


I liked the work and the training, benefits and culture, just hated working from home.