Apple Cinema Display screen issue - Delamination? Humidity?

The Apple Cinema Display at the union office has a section in the lower half of the screen where the screen is blurry. I don’t recall this being an issue until recently. It has been an extremely wet and humid summer so far. Non stop rain for two months. Is this a case of moisture between the panel and the glass maybe?

Edit: I am guessing it is indeed humidity, because it is moving and getting worse. I wonder if I need to stick it under an air conditioner or something?

Oooooh. The screen pops off! Okay, I didn’t realise I could clean the moisture off that way. That is MUCH easier than I ever expected from an Apple product of this generation.

The screen pops off? Wow.

It does! I saw someone on YouTube do it, and was like, no way is it that easy. But sure enough, I just got my nails in between the aluminum chassis and the glass, and sure enough it popped right off, I was able to wipe off the moisture and pop it back on in seconds.

Just watched a vid on this too. Where’s the glue, Apple? Seriously disappointed. :yum:

Yep, the glass pops off. Just like a 2009-11 iMac. :slight_smile: Mind you it can be a bit tricky to get it back on with no dust between the glass and display (constant frustration when servicing).