Apple Keyboards are not made for women, dammit

…or dudes who like having nails for whatever reason. I don’t judge.

Apple is replacing key caps on the 2015 MBP @jaysee sold me. This is the fourth MacBook I have had to ask for this on: 2008 MacBook, 2010 MacBook Pro, 2012 MacBook Pro. I bought this 2015 from John in OCTOBER. Not a scratch. Not even much shininess. In a mere 7 months, I destroyed the highest used keys. Why? Because I have nails.

It’s been 11 years, Apple, choose a better material!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Imagine those of us who have a 2016 onwards machine… they’d be paying for a whole new top case! :grimacing:

It’s incredibly annoying. When they do their testing, do they not test for this? It’s clearly not supposed to be normal wear and tear (and Apple has never charged me for it, ever, so they know it, too).

“How the other half lives”… This is something I’ve never considered before. I keep my nails at around 2mm in length, so I type with the pads of my fingers, but the nails do the work on the bottom row of keys.

I post this in good faith after scouring the internet for assistance…

I know, it takes the piss, but my point is - clearly as you say - this IS “a thing”, and keyboard durability isn’t what it perhaps used to be…?

My nails are natural and not this long. Nowhere near this long. But at this point it is clearly a known issue that nails beat the plastic key caps Apple uses. It is not merely a case of wearing off the letters. I literally gouge the plastic until I have shallow holes where the letters used to be.

In my research last night, I saw a reddit user showing pics of gouges to her keys - wasn’t sure if that was “realistic” - clearly it was!

If Apple have never shown much fight at offering replacements… maybe they’ve just done a cost analysis and decided finding a better material isn’t worth the cost. Never mind of course the frustration of part of their user base… ?

Never any fight at all, but it goes to show there are examples where women’s frustrations just aren’t treated with the same diligence. If men, especially the Tech Bros, were ruining key caps on every single keyboard they had from Apple within the warranty period, sometimes multiple times (my MBP 2012 had key caps replaced twice in two years), you bet there would be an outcry and Apple would adjust. Not only are women far less assertive and far less assertive about and professionals in technology for historical reasons (I am the only woman in my technology department for an agency of the frikken UN) as end users, fewer women are part of design and testing teams.