Apple Mail not responding


Hello all, I’m after some advice please.

I have a 2008 iMac running El Capitan and have had no problems with it whatsoever…up until now.
I’m using the normal Mail app which is part of the OS. In the last week I’ve had 3 instances of it not responding and had to resort to force quitting the app.
Nothing has been fiddled with or changed in any way and I’m at a loss to explain why it’s suddenly playing up.

Would appreciate any help as to why it’s suddenly happening and is there any way of fixing it.
Thank you


Sorry, JRWhy, can’t offer any advice but can add to the Mail fails that my MBP has been experiencing since the ‘upgrade’ to El Capitan.

  1. Emails vanish from the screen while I’m reading. They can be recovered by clicking on them again in the Mail list window. Their disappearance doesn’t coincide with a new email’s arrival, as queried by a forum member.

  2. Resetting Mail Preferences to ‘Show most recent at the top’ has no effect. The oldest emails are always at the top when I open Mail, meaning I have to scroll through all the saved emails to the end to see the new emails.

I know that’s not your specific problem but the whole cluster of fails might suggest something to the experts.

Mavericks was the last update that worked well for me.

Edit: 2. has been solved, thank you…didn’t know to toggle the ‘Date received’ header.


Thanks for your reply Buttercup :slight_smile:
Mail problems are new to me because I’ve been using El Capitan since it was released without a hiccup.
However, my problem seems to have fixed itself…sort of! I discovered that if I minimise the app to the dock I haven’t had a recurrence. I know it shouldn’t make any difference (logically) but the problem hasn’t come back so I’m taking it as “fixed” lol.
If I had’ve seen your reply the other day I would’ve suggested you try clicking the “Date Received” header. I’m glad you got it sorted anyway


I’ve been having Lock up issues in Mail and like yourselves i’m on El Capitan, but i have a trove of unread mail some several thousand deep due automatic system messages from some systems. would love to get the mail archived but it’s very much unusable at present.