Apple Music


That’s a big deal!


My name is Andy and I approve of this.


Strangely the website still says ‘data charges apply’ for download and for use, but I did speak directly to someone at a Telstra store yesterday and he said that although they’re not meant to mention it that it was definitely happening. Maybe the website is yet to be updated.



Thanks! Must’ve been updated after I looked


I had a spare number that hadn’t had Apple Music on it before, so I got another free 6 months, and then promptly downloaded 3GB of albums quota free onto my Android Phone (again, Apple Music is SO MUCH BETTER in the Android app, since it’s completely separate to whatever other music you have on the device).

Also, a little tip for the Appletalkers: If you have multiple Telstra Services, you can use each one to get another 6 months of free Apple Music, but you need to do this manually every 6 months (while this offer is still active). So you’re probably still on the original 12 month offer right now. Make sure before the 12 months is up that you go into Telstra My Account and cancel the free offer otherwise you’ll pay for Apple Music after the offer expires.

Then what you do is go into another Service you might have (and it would appear data share SIMS are eligible as well) and Activate the 6 month offer.

Just make sure you cancel it before the 6 months is up. Then if you should happen to cancel the data share SIM, and reconnect a new one with a different number, you should be able to get another 6 months :wink:


Where does the free subscription show up in My Account if you’re eligible?


It’s just under the details of your phone service:


Have never even looked at Apple Music. Got a free 12 month subscription when I got my iPhone 6S last year on contract with Telstra. I only just checked the Telstra site this week cos I thought my 12 months was coming up, apparently it would revert to a paid subscription. But it seemed like my free subscription was due to expire mid next year. Maybe my free 12 months didn’t start when I got my 6S, I have no idea.

Anyway, I cancelled it even though I still had about 9 months of free use left. I’m happy with my Spotify subscription.


The music app in iOS10 does make things a bit better, well, at least on the ipad (I haven’t installed it on the phone yet). I have thought of turning Icloud Music Library ON on my ipad, but not on itunes, as now I can download whatever music I want whenever I want quota free.


Pleased to find out that I’ve actually got 24 months free Apple Music, so still have over a year to go. I am not sure if i’ll still retain that once I use ‘Telstra New Phone Feeling’ though.


No, any recontract (whether it’s a normal one, or “New Phone Feeling” will end your free Apple Music. Think long and hard about using New Phone Feeling; and look into if it might be better for you to recontract and just sell the phone you have, which could well be more worthwhile.


I’ll definitely weigh out the pros and cons once we know what the new iPhone contracts will be, but whether or not I can be patient enough to not get it launch day will be a big factor lol :joy:


I’m enjoying my Telstra Apple Music subscription. Access to things like the new Frank Ocean is nice and access to the old Beats1 radio shows is great too…

I’d consider paying, but $12/month is just a bit much for me. It starts to add up with Netflix etc…


I signed up again for Apple Music last week. Hoping that they have finally made it usable. It’s still very clunky on Mac OS, but it’s usable now at least (and my iCloud Music Library upload went ok on a couple of hundred gigs).

I basically signed up for it for one reason - multi zone airplay of streaming music. I have speakers around the house that are all airplay, and generally stream from my Mac Pro to them, and control via iTunes Remote on iPads/iPhones. Nothing else can do multi zone. :frowning:

So far so good. It’s still a bit clunky, but it works. :slight_smile:

Gosh I hope that iTunes never gets a rebuild where that disappears. It’s a killer feature for me and I kind of can’t believe we still don’t have multi zone from iOS yet. Wifi is fast enough for it now.


For me, $12/month is justified as it means not paying $16.99/album. It works out cheaper in the long run as I’m only buying the albums I really want, but still have access to (almost) everything else.


Yup. Combined with cheap iTunes credit and if you can get it, educational discount it’s pretty good value.

I don’t buy albums from iTunes any more at all.


So don’t know exactly what the deal is with Apple Music and cancelled subscriptions. But I cancelled my latest subscription offered through Telstra a couple weeks ago.

And still have everything that I added to my library still available for playback, happens on songs that I downloaded to the device locally and also with songs that are in the library that need to be streamed.

If I play a song on an album that I’ve added songs to my library from they definitely don’t work.


When you cancel it still works until the rollover date of your last payment. Does that match your experience?


According to Telstra when I cancelled it was the 18th of this month. Cancelled on the 13th is now the 22nd. If it was in my library at still working, maybe it’ll stop at the end of the month.