Apple News+ launch

It looks like Apple News+ has launched in Australia for $14.99 a month.

I’ve just had a quick look at the catalogue and it’s limited to News Corp papers at the moment. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m kinda hoping the Fairfax rag I read will show up at some stage (I’m a Brisbane Times reader, not a Courier Mail reader).

Magazines are slim pickings - I’m hoping APC, Money and Traces turn up in the not too distant future.

I like the idea of this for convenience’s sake, but I’m going to save my trial for when it gets more content added. For magazines I’ll stick to zinio through my library for the time being. It’s just a little bit of a hassle because it doesn’t remind me when a new issue is out, and I have to manually check issues out when I find them.

From this I get the impression that while Apple News+ is a News Corp exclusive, I’m unsure if that’s a timed exclusive or exclusive in perpetuity. Hell of a deal if Apple and News Corp have come to some kind of agreement that only News Corp pubs will be available in News+.

Doesnt Newscorp own Fairfax now? I know they were bought out but cannot remember by whom.

Channel 9

Ahh. ok. Dont know that that is much better, really.

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Anyone else having trouble accessing News+ on an iOS device?

Followed the link on my iPad on News, but it only says ‘coming soon’.

Is it because I’m not iOS 13 yet??

Don’t think it can be, I am on iOS13 but I am not even getting a link to see about News+

Hmmm, just checked on my iOS13 iPhone and it also says News+ ‘Coming Soon’. But my desktop will let me subscribe it seems. So, so much commencing 1 Oct.

Not on iOS its seems.

Anyone else?

Ah, I withdraw that. Just tried again on the (now iOS 13) iPad, and I was able to register and use News+.
Multiple Australian newspapers for $15, bargain!

$14.95 to read the Murdoch press? No thank you. The only time I read that stuff is when I’m sitting in my doctors practice for free. It has become so politically charged and biased it doesn’t really qualify as anything other than tabloid and their main journal of any repute The Australian became a tabloid in all but name about 20 years ago.

Channel Nein owns Fairfax and as a true liberal Mr. Fairfax himself would be spinning in his grave.

Multiple newspapers in only name. News Corpse recycles its stories across all of its papers in Australia.

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All papers have their political bias so :man_shrugging:

$15 is a bargain to anyone who buys The Australian every day, there’s no arguing with that.

Yes, I unsubscribed from The Oz as I was tired of the right wing bias. Its become a propaganda rag.

But $15 for it, the Daily Tele (yes, many of the same stories, but good sport), and all the other stuff on News+ such as tech, bargain!

I’m amazed New Corp signed up for that. $40 on their website for jut one paper.

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Some are worse than others though…

Seriously Apple! I spoke too soon. Working on my iPad, but not iPhone (which is on the same account!).

Yeah, and which ones you find worse depends on your own political bias

I disagree. Papers like the Telegraph clearly have more bias… The Telegraph and its other newscorp are infamous for headlines which are blatantly right wing slanted/anti ALP/Pro LNP.

Sydney Morning Herald (for example) is slanted to the left but has never run headlines like that (again for example).

Bias can be assessed objectively.

No, no, nope, hell no, no, no, no…

You have to learn to remove your bias… Unfortunately without an honest education and a lot of time learning what’s up to snuff and what isn’t people will continue to fall into their own trap.

You’ve learned a particular bias, so unlearn it and learn how to be better moderated in your thinking. Not to be cruel but I grew up in a time where it was perfectly acceptable to call something you didn’t like gay or spastic. Now considering we have a PWD (person with a disability) and a homosexual in this thread. I’ve learned that both things are unacceptable. One the hard way by inheriting a disability myself later in life.

Bias is for people who are too lazy to do the right thing in this world. As per my example. We don’t use the term spastic except in a very limited medical term to describe spasticity in certain disabilities. We don’t use the term gay for the most part in this country to denigrate homosexuals anymore and in both instances its grounds for discrimination.

We can learn right from wrong without bias. It’s difficult with politics and the press but we can do it there also. It used to be the case where there was no bias in the press. It’s the modern form of journalism that is tabloid, shock and sensationalism. Investigative journalism and evidence based journalism barely exists anymore and its a shame it’s basically a lost art.