Apple Officially Discontinuing AirPort Range 😢


who is arguing this?

You’re the one who brought up Spotify in a discussion about AirPorts, and then got offended because nobody understood why.


This is the link between “Airports” and “Spotify” right here, not a massive seque really.


Just wondering if we could please cut the snark and name-calling out, and return to acting like adults?

I had AirPort routers in the past, as well as a Time Capsule at one stage. Good devices for what they were, however I did notice functionality being wound back with later device releases - SNMP, for example. SNMP isn’t something the average punter wants/needs/knows about but it’s very handy for those who do.

The AirPort Utility is a nice and easy to use piece of software making router configuration pretty easy - great for the target market, especially once the iOS version was released. Compared with the alternative, the user experience (particularly for less technically-minded punters) of the AirPort devices is excellent - this loss is a shame IMHO.

Sharing USB devices/audio streaming were not functions of the AirPort devices that I personally used - I too have migrated away from AirPlay entirely. I currently don’t have any AirPlay capable devices, although I understand my Sonos Ones will be AirPlay 2 capable in the future - I don’t anticipate using this, preferring to use the Sonos controller or Alexa to control music playback from my streaming service of choice.


It’s not really likely here, so many spoiled children who can’t get over themselves if a product is not made by Apple. The segue between Spotify and Airplay is not insignificant. They both achieve similar means all be it that there are simply better products for doing it today.

The AirPort Utility was simple to use for the uninitiated but its really a pain in the bum when you don’t have a web interface to get to it when something is wrong.

Living in a house with multiple people, the ability to share a printer is really great as is hanging off a NAS device. I have since migrated to better solutions. Spotify is one of them and an Apple TV is the other one for music and video streams.