Apple Pay (Wallet)

Curious. I was using my Myki today and had my phone in my hand, and the terminal invoked Apple Pay…

I’ve never seen my phone invoke ApplePay by itself, that said, if it’s coming up it will be the phone sensing the NFC reader and trying to be smart, nothing more.

Not sure it’s it new, but I notice there is now a thing called “Express Travel Pass” in the Wallet which leaves a card active and unlocked all of the time so you don’t need to validate when using a reader… I live in hope that such a think will be possible one day when Mobile Myki is available on iOS.

I just found it interesting because I’ve tapped my card to the reader with my phone in my hand and it’s never invoked Apple Pay to pop up before, until today

It’s definitely invoked it on my phone before but only on the new VIX readers. Must be something different about them. It happened to me at least a year ago on one of the new trams.

That’s the strange thing though, later that day after it being invoked on the bus I took in, I got into a bus with the older terminals. And it invoked Apple Pay. :thinking:

Just got an email from St George.
Apple Pay is up at last.
Just added my cards. Looking forward to giving it a try at last.

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I was just reading back through this thread, and laughing at myself for my initial hesitancy in using Apple Pay. In late 2016 I was saying no way, by the end of 2016 I was saying maybe, and by mid 2017 I was all over it and switching my bank accounts to Macquarie which I have not regretted for a minute. My building society at the time, which promised to be investigating it all… has still not gone with Apple Pay. Glad I didnt wait.

I still carry my wallet most of the time, but have been known to go out without it, especially now my drivers licence is in my phone, too.

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Westpac finally joining the party within 6-7 months.

Why does it take 6 month Westpac?? I have Westpac and Qantas CC and neither allow Apple Pay.

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It must be your Christmas spirit. You are very generous suggesting Westpac are only 6 months late. The first major bank to release Apple Pay in Australia was ANZ on 27 April 2016. I suspect one or more of the smaller financial institutions released it even earlier.

As with the New Payment Platform (Osko, PayID), the big banks have been pathetically slow in rolling it out. Despite their marketing, they seem to oppose and hinder any real innovations. (They are too busy charging dead customers for advice, levying fees for non existent services, and facilitating money laundering and international crime.)

But, to be fair, my bank (ME Bank) has not even announced dates for the release of Apple Pay or the New Payment Platform. Yet their whole business is based upon digital banking.

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Yeah sorry, I meant in 6 month. St George now, but westpac say their cards in June 2020.

ANZ was the first bank in Australia other than the American Express deal that Apple manage to do with American Express to roll it out in multiple countries which Australia was one of them on the official launch in Australia which was late 2015. (From Memory)

Good thought @tonyduffe.

So Westpac will have taken 5 years to roll out ApplePay. It is hard to contemplate any way in which this is putting their customers first

Bank of Melbourne is also up. Not surprising since it’s part of Westpac.

Which bank (not big four + Macquarie) does NOT invest in fossil fuels. Was a tad disappointed to find that Macquarie is right up there. I like them otherwise but hate that. ING? One of the others?

[edit] Whoops never mind, found a decent link on a duckduckgo search. Posting here in case others want to know


I’m with Bendigo… your link makes me somewhat more glad of my choice.

On the other hand, a note at the bottom of the entries for Adelaide and Bendigo reads thus:

NOTE: Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has twice failed to confirm its support for the Paris climate change agreement when asked at its annual general meeting.

After further research I’ve decided to stay put, simply because no fees is better than low fees. It kinds goes against the grain, but needs must.


All the big banks banks are evil but Bendigo are ‘less evil’, so yeah it’s a lesser of evils choice.

The other ones listed are mostly tiny and lack nationwide and international facilities which I need.

Even Me Bank (which is one of the better known and larger small banks is only one tenth the size of Bendigo Bank, which in turn is only one third the size of the smallest of the big 4).

Still not supported [Express Transit mode] in Sydney (Opal/TfNSW) it seems.

Randomly appeared in my iMessage app, not caused by iOS update or anything since my phone was updated ages ago. Don’t think it means anything but while it’s on my mind, anyone heard anything new about Apple Cash possibly reaching our shores?