Apple Pay (Wallet)


Nah, I tried my CBA Amex. As far as I can see, CBA don’t have any Visa cards at all (well, if they once did, they don’t now).


Just tried Apple Pay! :smiley:

Got a couple of bottles of Mexican Cola, worked like a charm on my Apple Watch :grin:


Does that have tequila in it?


Nah I don’t drink, but they are seriously delicious


Is it something like Chinotto?


Havent heard of that myself.

I am a little disappointed that bringing up my passes is still as clunky as before. For some reason I was under the impression that when you double tapped the side button that you could swipe over to your passes as well as your debit cards. Not a huge deal but would’ve been nice.


Chinotto is pretty much what I would call “Italian Cola”. The first place I ever tried it was at La Porchetta :slight_smile:


ANZ have some new ads up for their Mobile Pay solution. Pretty hilarious:


I’ve got to say that ANZ’s marketing guys have really outdone themselves with the Apple Pay adverts.


Those are very good! Kudos to the ANZ marketing team.


Just moved to ANZ from CommBank for Apple Pay. Still waiting for my card to come but keen to try Apple Pay. I think I like the CommBank app better but the ANZ one is fine haha. Just lacks Touch ID


I have an account with ANZ specifically for Apple Pay transactions, I just hope Commonwealth Bank come to their senses soon and implement it, otherwise ill have to seriously consider moving banks, not necessarily ANZ but to another that may have Apple pay as I’m sure others will follow soon enough.


I don’t like that you have to enter your pin for purchases over $100 with ANZ


Isn’t that standard with any contactless payment?


It’s not a requirement with Apple Pay. Found this on Apple’s website “In Australia, if your purchase is more than $100, you might need to enter a PIN.”


Why would the banks change the way they’ve been doing it just for Apple pay?


I think it may be a merchant issue. I often spend over $100.00 but can only vaguely remember having to also sign a couple of times.


Set up an account with ANZ last week for this reason. Happy with the convenience of Apple Pay (after a handful of uses so far). A big plus is easy and quick access to a list of transactions. I consider this a BIG feature.


Anyone else having trouble with it? A couple of things I’ve noticed:

• If I leave the ApplePay notification on the lock screen, Messenger & iMessage notifications appear briefly - just flash up on the screen - but disappear.
• Same as above, when I go to unlock the phone after some time it comes up with the “transaction successful” (or whatever it’s called) screen and is otherwise unresponsive. I have to hit the on/off button to switch the screen off then try again. Sometimes twice.

This is on an iPhone SE.


I like this also but since I always use my Watch I don’t see any of them as notifications or in the wallet app. So it’s a bit annoying I have to choose between watch and iPhone if I want that feature.