Apple Pay (Wallet)


I agree. I use my watch too and was wondering why I couldn’t see any transactions.


Unfortunately it seems that its not even a bug and is simply the way it works.


Hi all,
I’ve just started using ANZ cards with Apple Pay - for my first attempt I went to the local cafe in Glen Waverley and they said Apple Pay didn’t work. I asked if I could try my VISA and it just kept saying to try again. As the cafe was crowded I didn’t want to hold them up too much and ended up using the actual card. But what are peoples’ experiences with acceptance of contactless payments using ANZ VISA cards? Maybe its my case. I have a Twelve South BookBook case.

Cheers, Glen


I don’t have it as I’ve got a dinosaur of a 5S, however, my wife and a lot of my mates use it. Haven’t seen it rejected yet. Seems to work everywhere PayWave transactions are accepted.


Thanks - wonder if its my case? Or the angle I was holding it? The woman at the cafe tried holding the machine right up to it so did her best I think. But I’ll keep trying with it and see how it goes.


The only place I’ve had my ANZ ApplePay rejected is at a place that didn’t take payWave payments.


I’ve got the Apple Watch as well as an iPhone 6S and it’s usually works straight away with the watch, though sometimes at certain places (not sure what sort of machines they were specifically) my Apple Watch thinks the transaction went through but it actually failed.

When that happens though, in every event that it’s happened I’ve pulled out my iPhone instead and it worked straight away. So I’m not quite sure what the issue is.


Bit the bullet and signed up for an ANZ account. Was hoping CBA might support my laziness and come to the party so I didn’t have to move, but I guess I’ll just take my business elsewhere.


Apple just announced that Apple Pay is now available in Switzerland (Visa and MasterCard).

Still waiting for CBA/MasterCard to allow Apple Pay in Australia.


I hacve a CBA Visa but it was acquired long time before they went MC for most. It’s useful. Will it work with Apple Pay?


No. CBA aren’t participating in Apple Pay, at all, yet. Only ANZ and Amex cards issued direct from Amex and not a bank.


Oh darn. Thanks, Mitty


Android Pay is live today, for those who have an Android handset. I’ve added my same Amex to Andrroid pay successfully, will give it a try today and see how it compares to Apple Pay.


Is it safe? I keep hearing horror stories about Android not being safe from those who would steal from you


Well by it’s very nature Android is going to be less secure than iOS due to the multitude of different versions on different handsets by different manufacturers etc. We’ve already seen some big Android Security breaches, some of which probably aren’t fixed for a lot of people. I’m using a Nexus 5X so it’s pretty much got the latest security patches etc loaded direct from Google, so I’m not really any more worried about security than I would be with iOS.


Android Pay uses tokenisation. The same as Apple Pay.


OK, thanks guys.


Interesting news which will probably be relevant to many of us: the ING Direct 2% Cashback is ending on September 30. I would be willing to be that this will coincide with the introduction of Apple Pay. I’d imagine they simply couldn’t give Apple a cut of Transactions without removing it.


This is really disappointing, but I hope they replace it with something else. The 2% deal was the main reason I moved over to them.

Apple Pay would be nice - the timing may even coincide with the launch of the new iPhones.


Whilst a bit disappointing, I have to say that my experience with ING has been fantastic. The app is really good (and is Universal… it’s one of the only apps that takes advantage of TouchID on phone and pad if you have it). I’ve had to call them a few times and they were just wonderful on the phone (and they were local).

They aren’t my main bank, but I bet they’ll be on Apple Pay before CBA (who are my main bank). I’ll continue to use them even without the 2%, because I like the way they do business.

They don’t have a credit card, but it sounds like they will have one soon and I would happily switch to them, particularly if it’s on Apple Pay.