Apple Pay (Wallet)


Wow, this is interesting, found over on Whirlpool:

So, pretty much, don’t expect any of the other Big 4 to join Apple Pay anytime soon. If ever. I’ll be opening an ANZ account post haste, just to spite the bastards.


All that means is that they wish to collective negotiate as a group a joint agreement - doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but it means that it requires all 4 applicants to agree and be on the same deal. Gives the bank better negotiating power and stops Apple from picking them off one at a time.


Don’t hold your breath


Welll… maybe I should consider trying out ANZ…


Recently moved our transaction account over to ANZ (primarily for Apple Pay) and am quite satisfied.


I was with ANZ for everything until the latest home loan saw it all move (back) to Commbank. I’ve still got an account with ANZ so it’s just a matter or ordering a new card… Problem is all my accounts are with another bank and I like seeing everything in one place…


Understood, that was one of the downsides for us, our mortgage is still with Commbank.
Helpfully, in my particular circumstances we were able to juggle things so that my income stays with Commbank and pays the mortgage, while wife’s goes to ANZ and covers our transaction/savings. So basically now I just pretend that I don’t earn any money and don’t log into Netbank. :wink:


Applied to reopen my ANZ account last night. A win for “consumer choice”!


It’s interesting that the other 3 big banks are taking this action and are trying to force Apple to open up their NFC architecture. I wouldn’t have thought that the fees associated with ApplePay would be that prohibitive, that being said it would be nice to have the ability to rebroadcast a scanned/stored NFC signal - but that’s opening a whole other security related can of fish.

There’s a lengthy thread on it over at MacRumors - you can have a geez here.


Be sure to let your bank know what you think on social media. I told CBA where they can stick it. I’m heading overseas for a few weeks in October and won’t have time before then, and can’t afford to risk my credit card not working overseas but when I’m back I’m changing. Might do it before then if I do find the time.


I was a little less aggressive, but certainly voted with my feet.
Walked into the branch yesterday to close my transaction and credit card accounts - the couple of staff we dealt with couldn’t have cared less about it.
Let’s see how they react when we move our mortgage in a few months :slight_smile:


I don’t bank with CBA, but a credit union I use has an arrangement with them whereby you can perform deposits through them. A few months back I went into one branch to deposit a cheque and got asked:

  • Do you have a home loan? No
  • Do you own your home outright? No
  • Are you thinking of buying soon? No
  • Have you got a financial plan for saving a deposit? Yes
  • Would you like to speak to someone about home loans? No

And I’m not even a customer of theirs.


They’ll reply that you can stick a CBA Pay Tag to the back of your iPhone! What a half arsed solution!


Our Mortgage is with CBA. We have looked at moving it, but sadly it’s not really worth our while right now (or the hassle involved). We check on a regular basis though. Our primary credit card is with them as part of the mortgage package though I have an Amex I already use with Apple pay.

Sidebar: I wish all retailers who didn’t take Amex had signs up stating as much. I always ask when it’s not obvious that they do, and they always so no.


And it looks like they charge you to get one of those as well.


I used to just attempt to pay with Amex. If they didn’t have a sign up and the transaction went through, their problem.


Me too. I’ve avoided a few Amex Surcharges by paying with Amex via ApplePay as they don’t know what card you’re tapping until it’s too late.


This could take a while:


In my opinion, I think the banks are in the wrong.


Received my new ANZ cards today and closed my Westpac account, no point waiting a couple of more years to see if Westpac will get on board.