Apple Pay (Wallet)


Moved all my banking over to ANZ from the NAB.

It’s the same, except now I have a mobile app that isn’t stuck in 2013.


I only have a CC with commbank, my working accounts are with a building society, the one I had my mortgage with. It seems unlikely that they will get on board with Apple pay and I most certainly will not change my accounts just so I can get access to it. I acknowledge the tap and go aspect of it seems good but its not that much more difficult to get a card out and tap that instead.


For a lot of us it’s not a novelty. I go running some evenings and stop for food after. I’d love to be able to leave my card at home when I do. (And no need to tell me about those shoe wallet things. I might as well just stick a CBA sticker to my phone).


I’m not suggesting its a novelty… I’m just saying that I won’t be doing what some of you are doing. I have an excellent relationship with my building society and i’m not prepared to sacrifice that for the sake of a little convenience, which for me, is not much at all. And I too, will not be using a CBA sticker on my phone. How rude of them


Computer says no.


Virgin have removed Wallet functionality from their app. Thanks Virgin!


I must say, it’s interesting to note the number of professional associations and other organisations that are coming to the banks side in this satin that they should be able to negotiate, blah, blah, blah.

Interesting times ahead, me thinks.


Like someone else said, it’s the clash of the titans - evil corp vs evil corp so to speak. Both sides with money to burn, wanting to make more money.


I think what the banks trying to form the cartel really want is for people to use Apple Pay but Apple to get less or no of a cut. Not sure Apple cares enough to be honest - and given ANZ and AMEX have already launched with it, I think Apple will be happy to play hardball, whether negotiating with all the banks together or individually.


The big banks are used to getting their own way, then Apple comes along and the banks realise they’re going to have to share with Apple. So they rally the other banks and big retailers (possibly putting pressure on) to try to drive Apple away.

Basically, the banks are stamping their feet in the supermarket and holding their breath until they’re blue in the face until they get their own way, as they’re used to.


Just read on MacRumours that Master Card support is coming to ANZ ApplePay later today.


After it becoming obvious that none my banks are going to have Apple Pay anytime soon, I finally gave in and opened an account and Credit card with ANZ for my transactional banking.

Good points about ANZ: Maybe I was lucky but every time I’ve had to call them so far I got through straight away and spoke to someone in Australia. Applications were fast and I got the cards only a few days later. Had some troubles with multiple profiles in the system from when I used to be a customer years ago, and staff were very helpful in sorting it out.

Most annoying thing however: Pending transactions on the credit card don’t seem to show up in internet banking, you only get an amount off your balance. This is a tad disappointing, though I guess I can live with it. You do get them for the Visa Debit card, however? Weird.

The Apple Pay experience however is just awesome, particularly on the Watch. Very easy to select from either Amex or Visa, hold watch near reader, done.

Plus I’m getting a bunch of rewards points for signing up, so I guess it’ll be worthwhile at least for the first year. Hopefully by the end of that we’ll have more choices.


I don’t. Very annoying.


Mine definitely show for the debit card, though they’re in a separate section of internet banking (not in the app, only on the website). Not for the credit card however.


If you moved to ANZ, you should use the Grow by ANZ app, not GoMoney which is so rubbish. Grow is actually fairly decent.


Damn right. I just use the mobile website - it’s a far cry better than GoMoney.


Yeah I installed both Grow and Go Money. To be honest the functionality seems pretty similar, the only advantage of Grow is that you can use Touch ID and it works properly on the ipad.

Apple Pay itself is pretty great now that I can use it absolutely everywhere. Even though I’ll end up paying an Annual Fee after the first year, I don’t see myself switching away unless someone else gets it in the meantime.


Grow also lets you add a widget in iOS 10’s today screen with your current balance :slight_smile:


So I can see how broke I am without unlocking my phone? :joy:


Apple Pay is coming to a bunch of credit unions via Cuscal.

Hopefully this puts more pressure on the other big banks.