Apple Pay (Wallet)


I am seriously looking to switch to ANZ (I opened an account with them a few months back to use Apple Pay) from NAB. I am still with NAB purely out of convenience (they have a branch where I work).

This gives me more options, as I much prefer credit unions. Unfortunately the community credit union I have an account with is not not the list (not with CUSCAL it would seem)…


I went into my credit union today, who are on the list, and they told me that their credit card is actually through another credit union. Who are also on the list, so that’s good. Probably worth asking yours if they do their own or not.

I currently have ANZ and CBA cards and, whilst I’m happy to be able to use Apple Pay on the ANZ card - it’s pretty cool - they are bastards to deal with. I know they’re all arses, but I’ve had no trouble with my CBA card and they seem to be a bit cooler if you’re a day late with your payment or whatever. I’ve been clobbered with interest a few times with the ANZ card now and it’s usury. I always pay it off in full but recently got hit with $55 interest for being 1 day late on an $880 balance. Savage.


I wonder what, if anything, building societies are doing about Apple Pay.


Does anyone know which of these institutions has the best banking app?


Received an email this morning: Introducing Apple Pay for Horizon Credit Union Visa Debit & Credit cardholders

I thought they were affiliated with Bendigo Bank. I guess they are with Cuscal…

Might even shift from ANZ…


I’m in the land of the free at the moment. Interestingly there aren’t a lot of places that take Apple Pay. In Aus I’m pretty sure that it works with all of the paywave/tap eftpos machines, so if they accept contactless visa or amex and you have an amex or ANZ visa loaded into Apple Pay it works. Here in the States there are many more places that take contactless cards than there were a few years ago, but they don’t all take Apple Pay. I was in Gap - oh no, we only take Samsung Pay. Huh? Oh well. It’s not all bad in Australia! :slight_smile:


Welp this is a blow for the banks. Boohoo them.


Suck it. Now get on with offering Apple Pay.


Exactly what I hoped for, now maybe the banks will pull their fingers out and get Apple Pay done


Unlikely. Still more colluding, appealing and whinging before it gets to that.


Of course, the big banks will hold their breath and stamp their feet until march


Sick of CBA pretending they’re doing me a favour. Switching this weekend. ANZ have a promo on ATM.


Man I can’t wait to ditch that stupid yellow icon.


Amex has a “mobile wallets” offer at the moment - $10 statement credit when you spend $30 via Apple Pay (or samsung/android pay). You have to register for it first through your online account access or via the app and then spend $30 by 27/12/16.


Got tired of waiting for ING Direct and/or my credit union to offer Apple Pay, so I’ve opened an account with CUA.

No intention of using this as a primary account at all. Waiting for the Visa debit to arrive then test out Apple Pay.

From my experiences so far I wouldn’t recommend CUA. Too much pissfarting around to get basic stuff set up.


All onboard. Quite fittingly for me, the very first thing I purchased with Apple Pay was all day breakfast.


I got an ANZ Credit Card with Visa and Amex in October.

Once the novelty wears off, you soon realise the shortcomings.

EG not everyone takes Amex. I set Amex as my default card, but if the Merchant doesn’t take Amex then you have to manually switch to Visa in your Apple Wallet. In the time it takes to do that you can just pull your card out of your real wallet.

Some merchants who accept Amex have Terminals which won’t accept NFC Amex, so you have to pull your card out and slot it in anyway. So you might as well have done that in the beginning.

Also I’ve found even paying with Visa, that with the actual card you just tap and go. But with Apple Pay, the terminal seems to phone home and this takes at least a few seconds. You don’t really want to walk away until you’ve seen “Approved” appear on the terminal.

Yes, sometimes it works beautifully and magically like Apple would have you believe, but not always. Of course these issues probably aren’t confined to Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay probably have them in equal measure.

I’ve got my load of free rewards points out of the ANZ card and will continue to use it, but I pretty much decided I probably won’t keep it past the 12 months where I’ll have to start paying an Annual fee.

The other issue is that when a card has rewards points, you tend to probably buy stuff you don’t need or shouldn’t just for the rewards. Yes you can always justify it somehow, but I think for me, a card with no rewards is probably better. I’ve been very strict about what I spend but if you there’s no reward then I’m positive you’re less likely to buy useless crap you don’t really need.


I actually do the opposite. I don’t pay any attention to reward points and just use it normally. As a result sometimes free money just shows up in my house.


Closed off my CBA accounts. Poor kid nearly cried when I said Apple Pay when he asked why I was leaving.


The lack of fucks given when we closed off our CBA accounts for the same reason simply reinforced that we were making the right decision.