Apple Pay (Wallet)


Commbank? Nope. Their app only.
Westpac? Yep
NAB? Nope. Their app only.
Bendigo and Adelaide? Yep.


I got an email an hour ago from ING Direct - live for Apple Pay. Updated the app and added my card successfully. Previous cards have used SMS to verify the card, this one had the option of using the app or calling them.

Looking forward to using it!


Ditto for Macquarie Bank.

There’s an Ozbargain thread that if you open a Platinum Transaction account via a referral link (see the thread for details) you get a $40 credit after spending $250 in the first 30 days. It’s better than the ING account in that it has $0 ATM fees, $0 international transaction fees, and if you open it via the link there’s no minimum deposit requirement each month.



Noticed electronic billboards at Melbourne Central advertising it this morning.


You know those scrolling billboards at Stations like Burnley? The ones at Hawthorn had ING ads in them this morning, which weren’t there yesterday. Fairly impressed by that!


That is quite impressive.

The ones at MC are monitors, so I’m guessing whoever does it uploads from a central location or plugs in something.


I literally just moved the vast majority of my finances from CommBank to ANZ, after opening an everyday account with the latter to test Apple Pay. I was hooked after the first day, and I kept funnelling more money into the ANZ account because I was using Apple Pay more than expected. Luckily I pay for most subs/bills via PayPal, so I didn’t have to worry about changing too many billing details (payslip and telco bills were the big ones). CommBank was my first “personal” bank (I’ve been with them for over 10 years, and I’m turning 21 this year). Disappointing!

I recently read an article where CommBank’s CEO said something along the lines of that they’ll “happily welcome Apple Pay when Apple allows them [unfettered] access to NFC in the iPhone”, which was the nail in the coffin for me.

I couldn’t be bothered waiting for the other Big 3 to get something after they’re repeatedly told “no”. Albeit, they’re probably not used to hearing “no” :unamused:

Funnily enough, my sister also started using Apple Pay recently (she’s been with ANZ for a while) - unprompted by me. She found it cool, and even discovered the lock screen access feature.


Basically the big banks will only allow Apple Pay once Apple lets them circumvent the iPhone NFC, which would then give them no reason to give us Apple Pay since they’d just have their own crappy solution.

Five different wallets for five different cards anyone?


Signed myself up for Macquarie yesterday.
Have to wait for my card to be delivered but then this happened…

Great experience so far and the account I’m on incurs no fees, so I’ll be treating this like I do getting cash out of the bank.


That’s an example of excellent client service right there.


Today’s episode of stupid people working in shops:

Local pharmacy wouldn’t accept payment via Apple Pay unless I presented my licence or some other photographic ID. Refused to do so and held phone to the reader anyway, processing the charge. I was then informed that “next time” I’ll need to show ID.

Good luck with that.


I would’ve spoken with the manager, since clearly the person you dealt with needs upskilling.


I’m firing off an email now to head office.

Not the first time. A few years back I raised hell because I realised they were rounding up EFTPOS transactions - $17.58 would become $17.60 as an example.

I picked up on it one day and challenged it, the girl came back with “duh, you’re supposed to round up, it’s how it’s done”. Went through my bank statements and found they’d been rounding up for a number of years. Scored a $20 voucher out of it.


It used to be the case that rounding down and rounding up were done based upon which ‘whole’ amount was closest but these days almost all rounding is ‘down’.


Nah, I think you miss the point.

Electronic transactions should never be rounded. If it’s $17.58, then it should be processed as $17.58. Cash transactions should be rounded, however it’s generally up to the retailer as to it being up or down.


Received a response from them stating that they’ve sent out information to all their stores advising that Apple Pay should be treated as any other electronic transaction, and should not be refused or come with additional conditions.

Bloke did mention that they’ve had some issues with crashing terminals, in which case I may need to use an alternate method, but apart from that it’s no issue.


been using my watch for payments ever since this was enabled on my ING account. apart from the odd eftpos terminal that has the reader at the back rather than under the screen it’s been pretty good. I’ve only had one terminal that didn’t accept either the watch or the phone and I had to pull the card out. not sure what was going on there.


I’ve had a couple. There’s a local takeaway joint near mine that declines Apple Pay transactions but takes tap and pay just fine and another store in Westfield Chermside that has a really old EFT machine there.


Any reason why?


Dunno. Not really my place to get involved and troubleshoot.