Apple Pay (Wallet)


I think you’re missing your chance for free takeaway :grin:


Free takeaway is worth less than my chargeout rate :wink:


Terms and Conditions of merchant accounts typically do say you should ask for ID if you’re at all concerned about the card presented as merchants carry the cost of chargebacks. However it’s rarely done and I’ve never heard of it for small transactions.

I get more suspicious looks when I use Apple Pay with my watch than I do with my phone… but people are getting used to it!


First time I used my watch to pay for something I thought there would be oohs and aaahs but the retailer was very “meh”. Old news by the time I got to show it off :confused:


Most of the regulars in my hood are used to it by now. Occasionally I get the “whaaaaat? No card?” to which I reply “of course not, I’m not an animal”


Does this mean those banks might finally just suck it up and follow ANZ and offer ApplePay


Probably not.


I checked with MEBank whether they had any plans to adopt Apple Pay. They said no. So I opened an account with ING Direct and set up Apple Pay on my phone and watch. It has worked flawlessly. Now I just take my watch when I go for a ride.

My basic rational is the improved security of an Apple Pay transaction. I intend to use it to reduce the risk of my card’s details being skimmed and compromised, both in Australia and particularly overseas.

I had hoped that I would not need receipts given I receive an instant record on my phone and watch. But then I realised that returns and warranty claims are easier with receipts. So there is still a need for paper.


Some places will take the bank receipt if the time, date and amount match. Other way is to take a photos of the receipt. Keep in the photo album or upload it to Google Drive. Google drive will OCR it so you can just type in something from the receipt and it will find the file.


I use Scanner Pro and attach the receipt to the transaction in my financial management software. If it’s for a big purchase and I might need it for warranty purposes I’ll save a copy elsewhere.


I’ve been a customer with ANZ for quite a few years now my promise was to move away from them to the first bank to offer Apple Pay but funny enough that happened to be them.

Now that Macquarie and ING Direct both offering Apple Pay. I’ve signed up for accounts for both of them as well. So I’m trialling three banks at the moment to see which one best suits.

[quote=“snarl, post:353, topic:387”]
I had hoped that I would not need receipts given I receive an instant record on my phone and watch.[/quote]

Unfortunately when not quite there yet.

Definitely easier with the receipt but if it’s a large transaction these days showing the transaction on a bank statement or on a mobile phone app should be more than sufficient.

However my experience has been It’s easier to sort out if you’ve got them when transactions go wrong like you get double charged. Had this happened a couple times last year and thank god I kept the receipts.

This is normally what I do, A printed copy goes in original packaging as I normally keep packaging for large purchases for about 12 to 24 months.

I also scanned a copy with my phone for my records, which I normally keep on the computer. However I will also be attaching them in my Internet banking with Macquarie as they allow you to attach a receipt to a transaction from with in their Internet banking + banking app.


Maybe in Australia but in NZ there are laws around rounding (as there are in most countries)




How can it be up to the retailer? It should be to the closest 5c if it’s a cash transaction. $5.47 should be rounded to $5.45, $5.48 to $5.50.


This is exactly what I was taught in primary school.


Sorry, what I meant was retailers can decide if they follow best practice as you’ve described. There are a few retailers who just round everything down, and that’s their decision.

I know one used to round everything up, and would’ve made a decent profit.


One that I wouldn’t deal with then, that is simple greed

The recommendation for retailers is to follow the Swedish rounding system as per AVC’s post, here in NZ it’s slightly different as we no longer have a 5c piece so the recommendation is the 0.1-0.5 get rounded down, 0.6-0.9 are rounded up and every retailer I know of here does that.

But with electronic payment rounding is not allowed


Anyone here have success using Apple Pay with AMEX, on CBA Albert terminals?


Damn I don’t wanna bump this thread but I always use Apple Pay (ANZ) with those weird little CommBank EFTPOS tablets. Has AMEX not worked for you in the past?


Is it ANZ Visa or ANZ AMEX? I am on Android now and Android Pay does not work on CBA Albert with AMEX. I’ve tried several locations.