Apple Pay (Wallet)


It’s worked for me with an ANZ Visa Debit with Apple Pay.


ANZ Visa. I don’t know why ANZ AMEX wouldn’t work since Albert is literally just an NFC EFTPOS terminal? Maybe ask CommBank via FB or Twitter?


I’m still with CBA for my home loan and accounts and have pretty much given up hope they will ever support Apple Pay :frowning: It’s a shame they can’t just get their shit together.

I recently dragged my old ANZ Visa card (which is kept in a drawer as an emergency spare) and registered it with Apple Pay and I have to say it’s pretty cool and I want more of it! I much prefer keeping everything in one place (also for offset), but I’m sure I can work it out.


I’m still with the building society I had my home loan with, they arent cheapest in terms of fees etc, but I like their online banking stuff and I have everything organised with them for things which are autopaid, and the thought of changing everything to another insitution just fills me with horror. I run two visa debit accounts with them, I guess I could transfer funds to an Apple Pay account and use that instead of my usual working account but gee whiz, what a kerfuffle. I’ve asked them if they are going to have Apple Pay, and they didnt say not, it was something like it being considered. No sign of it since then so I’m guessing the short answer is no.


And having said all that, I’ll now say this. I’ve opened accounts with Macquarie Bank. Not yet prepared to move everything over but am hoping to receive a debit card soonish, and then I will start working on it.


OK, here’s my first question about using Apple Pay.

I was about to set it up yesterday evening, and it asked me to choose a PIN. When you use the Watch to pay, do you need to use the PIN to access it? It seems to me that there are many more steps in using Apple Pay on your phone and your Apple Watch, than simply pulling a card out and tapping it to the machine… can’t help wondering if its all worth it.


To pay with the watch you simply double tap the side button, to pay with the iPhone you simply take your phone out of your pocket and double tap the home button while on the lock screen and at the same time you’ll have unlocked it with Touch ID so it’ll be ready for payment.


You don’t even have to double tap the home button - if your phone is asleep simply holding it over the reader when it’s waiting for the card will activate Apple Pay.


Ah yes I totally forgot about that


So you don’t have to physically open Wallet? And no need to enter a PIN when using the phone? Excellent. I’m still a bit antsy about it but I like that Macquarie has no fees, especially for the Redi network which charges a fortune for other cards. I’ll just move money into the transaction account whilst I am getting used to it all and assuming it all goes to plan, will begin changing my accounts. Sorry to see the local building society go, but…


Yes, you need a PIN on your watch to enable Apple Pay.
You then only have to use the PIN, or iPhone connect (unlocking your iPhone will unlock the watch), to unlock the watch when you first put the watch on your wrist. After that you’re all set to go, just double click your watch side button to use Apple Pay.


All good, done and dusted. Now to move my accounts, automatic payments yada yada… what a pain.


I don’t have an iPhone because of Apple Pay, I use Apple Pay because I have an iPhone. And now it means that I have to carry a wallet anymore. I have a slim iPhone case which I keep my licence in and just take that with me.


See that’s your problem you still have your physical cards and your wallet. I no longer carry or have any physical payment cards.


Really? There are cards in my wallet that cannot be used on a phone - eg. my drivers license, a number of loyalty cards, EFTPOS card, door entrance cards and I also often carry cash. One of those stupid iPhone flip cases would never have enough room for the items that I need to carry day to day.

Plus there is only one single credit card in NZ that supports Apple Pay and I will not EVER move to using a credit card for everything, it goes against my financial senses, and on top of that the number of places that actually accept Apple Pay is pitiful.


Yep was completely fully Apple Pay about three months after ANZ announced here in Australia.

I was using it since day one of ANZ and then about three months after the launch I realised I haven’t touched the physical card for that whole time so completely got rid of all of them.

But I have since switched from ANZ to ING and Macquarie. It’s nearly been more than a whole year that I have entirely been Apple Pay and haven’t had a single issue once.

That’s the only physical card I carry but only when it’s required. Just to reiterate I did mention I have no more physical payment cards.

Not a big loyalty card person myself. Have started to join a few of them recently however but use a third party application to store them on the phone.

All of mine are debit cards, and are an Apple Pay.

Forgot to mention I also only carry one key when necessary that’s the car key. I’m using my iPhone to unlock all the doors here.

Haven’t used cash for at least 3 years, had switched over to contactless and card transactions long ago.

That explains things a little bit better now as there is only one banking institution in New Zealand that currently supports Apple Pay.

I’m guessing you don’t use ANZ for your banking? And you’re not restricted to credit cards only. ANZ do support Apple Pay on there debit cards in New Zealand.

However I do understand most people will prefer to wait for there supported banking institution.

Apple Pay and Android Pay, use the exact same contactless infrastructure tapping your card uses.

Apple Pay is accepted everywhere that contactless payments are, so it may be supported many more places than you think. even here I don’t rely on the retailer knowing.

When I make a purchase here all I say is EFTPOS when they ask how your paying today, which tells them they need to turn on the terminal. And that’s it. Provided they support contactless payment everything is fine.


Like @Acelon1 I have other cards which don"t work with Apple Pay or Stocard, plus I still like to use cash and in some places have no alternative but cash, so I will still be carrying a wallet. But in order to protect myself a bit, I have ordered an RFID wallet.


That doesn’t appear to be the case here. A large number of retailers accept ‘paywave’ transactions but only a handful accept Apple Pay. That number is increasing slowly but Apple Pay is simply not the right fit for my payment habits, I only ever use EFTPOS or cash in stores and will not move to credit or debit cards to replace this, it just doesn’t make sense to me. It may work for some but for me it is not the right fit.


Why would PayPass work but Apple Pay not? It’s just the terminal. The retour would have to actively diasable access from Apple Pay. It should just be by default.


My understanding is that if the retailer’s EFTPOS terminal accepts tap & go cards, such as PayWave, then it accepts Apple Pay. This is the case whether the terminal displays the Apply Pay logo or not. So given NZ services are usually on par with Australian services (or better), I suspect Apple Pay is widely accepted in NZ.

Incidentally, I use Apple Pay because it is more secure than cards. Your card number and details are NOT electronically passed to the retailer and are never visible, so skimming (card detail theft is not possible.)