Apple Pay (Wallet)


It seems that maybe Apple have arrived too late with it over here, don’t forget a lot of American chains still don’t have contactless payment methods like Paywave/paypass.


True but the people want what the people want. Even if I have to have two banks, one for every day spending being able to use Apple Pay and the other for more advanced banking, I’ll do it.


Yup. Some one’ll buckle eventually. Can you imagine the competitive advantage it would give? Look how many signup AMEX have had.


That’s for sure, and I’m with Commonwealth Bank so maybe this is just wishful thinking but I have a feeling they will be one of the first, if not the first.


If it were simply a technical issue I have no doubt you’d be right, but my feeling is that CommBank are going to be the last ones to give up a chunk of their interchange fees.


My hunch isn’t based on anything solid but, I just feel like they’ll take advantage of the demand for it once they reach an agreement with Apple over the fees


They’re pretty vague about it on Twitter. ANZ have said a flat out no.


And that is why the Big 4 are going to stick their heads in the sand and continue like it was the 20th Century.


Well whoever goes first I’ll switch banks to. They’re all the bloody same anyway, you just pick the colour you like best


Just bypass the banks and get an Amex issued card.

To use applepay you hold your thumb over the home button and put the top of the phone over the paywave terminal. The wallet app opens, displays an image of your amex card, beeps and displays a “tick” or asks you to put your thumb on the home button. You can use it to pay for amounts greater than $100.00

I have had an amex/ qantas card for about 10-15 years. I use it to pay for almost everything. My experience has been most businesses accept it however many smaller businesses have a surcharge. Ironically so does qantas. Although I have used Apple Pay sucessfully at places that said they don’t accept amex.


I would, if I could think of a practical reason for me to get one. Seriously though, I’d get one with AMEX if I could come up with a good reason.

I’m not a person who owns a credit card, debit card yes but not credit. What’s the main reason someone like myself might get one?


Can, really answer that specifically for you. Depends on your own circumstances.

The main reason not to get a credit card is if you don’t pay the full balance owing each month.


[quote=“Dan, post:31, topic:387”]What’s the main reason someone like myself might get one?

Thought the main reason would be pretty obvious, I mean we are talking about Apple Pay…


And just because it’s a credit card doesn’t mean you should treat it as “free” money. Spend within your means and pay it off each month and you’ll be safer than a debit card. If you have fraud on a debit card it’s your funds they are stealing. The bank will reverse it but after they’ve finished investigating. On a credit card you usually don’t have to pay disputed charges on your statement (provided you notify them in good time etc etc subject to t&cs) until the bank decides you’re wrong and it wasn’t fraud. You’re no worse off other than a possibly temporarily reduced credit limit as its not your funds they’ve stolen.


ok wrong button, of course Apple Pay would be the main reason, but I’m not seeing the practicality of deciding to do my spending with a credit card rather than a debit card. From what I’ve been told, spending with a credit card ends up costing you a lot more, so I’m not sure why id do that, though again, thats why i asked.


Just keep your amount in the black and it’s no different to a debit card…and just get one without annual fees


I don’t think we’re really qualified to give you financial advice based on your personal situation. Whether or not you get a credit card is something you need to evaluate for yourself or possibly with a financial planner.


I can’t speak for your situation but my credit card doesn’t cost me more than my debit card would if I used it instead, my debit card costs $5 per month (account fee) and my credit card costs $60 annually.

Since I pay off my entire credit card balance each statement period I don’t pay interest for purchases (only if I was to use cash advance which I don’t) and I don’t pay a per transaction fee.

Where as with the debit card there is a per transaction fee imposed by my bank.

YMMV but using a credit card to pay my bills actually saves me a small amount of money each month.


You should try to get a credit card that doesn’t cost an annual fee. That’s criminal.


The annual fee is more than offset by the extra points that I earn.