Apple Pay (Wallet)


Have you actually tried? As payWave is Visa’s branding for contactless payments. Should be no problems using Apple Pay.

[quote=“Entropy, post:386, topic:387, full:true”]Why would PayPass work but Apple Pay not? It’s just the terminal. The retour would have to actively diasable access from Apple Pay. It should just be by default.

Far as I’m aware they can’t disable Apple Pay without disabling, each individual cards scheme e.g Visa MasterCard for Contactless.

In this situation any card that is part of the Visa network that is loaded in to Apple Pay should work on those terminals. As I mentioned there is nothing retailers need to do specially to add Apple Pay Support.

They don’t even need to know it exists, even if I asked in Australia which I don’t Half of them wouldn’t even have a clue.

As mentioned What works for me may not work for you. But all I’m pointing out to @Acelon1 is the below.

That’s one of the main reasons I went all Apple Pay so I don’t have to worry about card security any more.

That I understand I’m not pushing anything on to you I’m just pointing out that it’s not getting used by people that just want attention and are looking to show off. As mentioned and removed in your original post.

As you can see it works very well for me and I’ve even gone all the way and replace my physical cards that doesn’t mean this situation is going to be suitable for other people just want to share my thoughts.


Fair enough.


To satisfy my curiosity, I’m going to test it tomorrow at Coles supermarket which is (apparently) resistant to using Apple Pay and was in support of the big banks when they tried their nonsense. There are no Apple Pay signs in the store and I expect any attempt to pay by phone or watch will fail. My debit card is paywaveable.


While they did support the banks they didn’t stop Apple Pay from working and I’m not aware of any resistance. Other than trying to support the banks.

There should be no issues at Coles. I’m not aware of any Apple Pay issues at Coles. There’s been a lot of problems reported in the past with using virtualised versions of the loyalty card system.

The only issue you will encounter is if the EFTPOS machines do not support CDCVM, Some of the older terminals notably at self checkout with Coles didn’t support this or didn’t have the newer firmware had the feature turned off. But most of the big retailers like Coles have mostly got this issue resolved, this also initially affected other large big retailers.

All this really means is if the transaction happens to be over $100 you’ll be asked for your cards PIN, if the terminal did support CDCVM you wouldn’t be asked. But the transaction would work.

My dad shops at Coles at least three times a week and has been using Apple Pay for nearly 8 months now and he’s had no issues at Coles the only Coles in town does support CDCVM on their terminals.

Most places do not have Apple Pay displays in stores there’s no need really, however on the EFTPOS machines display it should have the Apple Pay logo normally along with all the others.

Coles locations are currently promoting Android pay as they’re part of this offer.


I’ve had no issues with using Apple Pay at Coles through self serve or normal checkouts, in fact I’ve barely had a problem at any retailer at all


Thats good news, I think. I’m still not quite convinced of the increased convenience of Apple Pay… only of its security, which is why I have opened an account with a bank which uses it. I’m not yet up to moving all my accounts to the new one, I’m just going to transfer funds over, initially, until I am used to it. I’m an old stick in the mud and have been using the same building society since I took a mortgage with them (and thats now paid off… its been a long time). I like them, I like their online banking system, and I’ve got a routine going which I will have to change, and I find that difficult. I’m still nagging them to get Apple Pay.

And yes, the virtualised card works fine for the phone, but its a pain to have the get the phone out, open Stocard and then scan. The scanners at my local don’t like the watch version of Stocard.


You can add cards to the Wallet app, I’ve added my store cards there


ONly if the Wallet app accept them. It doesnt accept every store card, and it doesnt accept every CC or DC.


I use apps to create passes that there typically aren’t passes for, if it has a barcode it’ll work. For example, Flybuys and Woolworths Rewards don’t support Wallet, so I made my own passes and both work fine. I also did the same for Village cinema


Flybuys and Woolies work in Stocard… I only have a few other card (library, mostly, and Petstock which doesnt scan anyway)


This is the only reason I have opened an account with Macquarie. I want that security.

[edit] and now I am a happy little vegemite. My usual financial institution has responded this morning to my enquiry. They cant give an exact time but they are working on it.

"We have a project underway to implement this but given the technical and commercial requirements of getting Apple Pay and Android Pay online for our customers, at this stage we can’t confirm any timing for you. We know a lot of our customers are keen to use contactless payments and we’re definitely delivering this as quickly as we can. ’


Great choice I love their app, not to mention the fact that you get no fees on the account pretty much.

I’ve tried about eight or nine banking institutions that support Apple Pay here in Australia. And I think the Macquarie account is probably one of the better ones.

Sounds like the usual bank bullshit to me that they switch to after the ACCC ruling.


I’m also going to put this here which shows which banking institution support which features with Apple Pay.

It’s also notable that people did find in the Apple Pay configuration files information relating to support for EFTPOS but that since been removed. It’s probably still on the cards though as they are still listed as coming soon on the Android Pay Website.

And is probably waiting for more banks to come on board with Chip and Contactless EFTPOS Cards.

In Australia the only outstanding issues with Apple Pay I am aware of via the thread on Whirlpool are.

Vending Machines. - But this is becoming less and less common over the last few months.

The issue with vending machines is they like to bulk process all the transactions so they perform the transaction offline initially which doesn’t work well with Apple Pay.

Australia Post. - As the infrastructure is very old it’s likely that Apple Pay/Android Pay will not work.

From my understanding a lot of their terminals are quite old even know they do support contactless payments the firmware Version is out of date and doesn’t include the latest software for the card schemes.

Its most likely that Australia Post will be forced to fix this eventually with most banking institutions in Australia currently phasing out EFTPOS cards that only include a magstripe for new cards that have a chip and support contactless EFTPOS

American Express/Amex. - A lot of retailers refuse to support American Express, but apparently there is also a lot of retailers that do support American Express but don’t support contactless payments with American Express. Notably 7-Eleven and a lot of other large retailers.


Latitude Financial, Added Apple Pay support today. via Whirlpool.

Awesome, though seems to be Mastercard only.

Latitude’s own branded cards (Eco, Low Rate or Latitude Mastercard®) have it (including those no longer open for new customers)

Also available on Latitude’s 28 Degrees and GO Mastercard Cards.

No love for the GEM Visa, or their ‘CreditLine’ eftpos card (naturally – though it’s an exclusive to Apple Stores!


That’s fascinating. I didn’t realise there was Apple Pay and Apple Pay… One of the things I find really useful about Apple Pay (as well as the actual paying with iPhone/Watch) is the transaction sync. I caught some fraud immediately on it once as a notification flashed up on my screen when someone tried to by some flights on it from a different country. I was overseas myself at the time (in the US but the fraudulent transaction took place in Spain), rang Amex in Aus immediately, and had a replacement card loaded into Apple Pay 30 mins later. I’ve recently added an ANZ visa card, and miss the transaction notifications.


I’ve found Macquarie doesnt do sync between devices which is a bit of a pain. But, at least its pretty quick to update in the app. I’ve realised now that my budgeting methods and banking habits are so ingrained, I need a second transaction account with Macquarie but there isnt a facility for it inside one’s account. Thats weird. You should be able to add more accounts. (And no, I have no need of an interest bearing savings account. Did open one, but really wont ever need it, I never have enough money left over to earn interest! Pensions don’t go far.)

And yes, already have emailed them to ask about switching the accounts over, or opening another.


You just follow the signup steps on the website for the account you want on the first page they will ask you if you already have a “Macquarie Access Code” choose yes and sign in.


Most people don’t know all banking institutions haven’t supported all features, for example ANZ is now the first banking institution in Australia that allows you to virtually load your card in to Apple Pay.

Which means they could choose to offer the option of not receiving a physical card if they were inclined to.


Which is your access code? Username and password?

I wonder why they dont respond to emails with an email. They rang and I was napping so I had to ring back, gawd talk about hoop jumping.

Anyway, its all good now, Savings account will go, and I will sign up for an additional T account.


It’s the bunch of numbers you would use to log into Internet banking or if you opted to change it to a username enter that and your Internet banking password.