Apple Pay (Wallet)


Thanks, I thought that must have been it


Well its all happening, savings account gone, second transaction account created. Went out this morning and to all my usual places where I spend money and not one hesitated over the watch. I guess everyone knows about apple pay even if there is no displayed sign. No failed or not allowed. The pub bistro tomorrow night will be interesting,. I usually pay with cash there but I think they have a reader for cards.


Tragically, and in another slap in the face to Apple iPhone users, the bank added this statement to their release about Android and Garmin pay:

“For customers who use an iOS device, CommBank has offered contactless payments via an optional PayTag sticker for more than three years. Customers can use the PayTag sticker to make contactless payments up to $100 by simply tapping their phone.”

Absolute cop out.


Typical commbank though. I wish my CC was with someone else (well it was, until commbank bought them out) Or that I had the capacity to pay it off right now and get rid of the bloody thing. Better keep plugging away.


It’s only a matter of time, they’re just kicking and screaming along the way and not making it easy for themselves, their customers or Apple. Delaying the inevitable.


I dont want to keep my CC anyway. I should get the blasted thing paid out and send it back to Commbank. Its a trap for people like me.


You should talk to the other banks. Most banks will reduce your interest rate on request, even if it’s 3-6 months at a time, then you call back after that time is elapsed and they do it again. Comm Bank is pretty much inflexible on this. Also if you go to another credit provider, they usually have special deals to bring over your credit card balance. Then you can tell CBA what to do with theirs.


Yes, I have considered doing that.


Woolworths is apparently bringing their loyalty card finally two the wallet app in October.

At this stage from the article it’s unclear if your loyalty card will automatically be handed over when you complete your Apple Pay transaction. However it does sound like they are supporting this feature.

Here’s hoping. Despite Apple adding this feature quite awhile ago not many providers support this even in the US.


Link? That’s really good to hear


Warning behind a pay wall

But I don’t know where the moderators will stand on this. Woolworths to link rewards cards to Apple Wallet.pdf (719.3 KB)


That would be nice!


This will certainly be nice. However, I do wish that you could simply access your Wallet loyalty cards from the same place you access your bank cards. By which I mean for example, when you double tap the side button on the Watch or double tap the home button on the iPhone 7 you could swipe over from your bank cards to the loyalty cards. That would make checkout much smoother. Moreso in the cases where you need to present your loyalty card BEFORE paying, such as EB Games.


Looking forward to this! Hopefully it’s sparks other retailers here to start using wallet


On the iPhone this is already possible, the retailer needs to have a loyalty card in Apple Wallet and needs to have the pass be location aware.

This means when you double tap the home button to bring up Apple Pay you would also see the pass available.

For example the iTunes pass that you can load into Apple Wallet is location aware and should appear at the Lock Screen when you’re in an Apple Store. As well as being available from the Apple double click Apple Pay menu.

The only company is really using this feature are airlines for boarding passes they should automatically pop up on your arrival at the airport.


Here’s the link to add your Woolworths Rewards card to Apple Wallet. It needs to be done on your iPhone though.


Link not working for me, gives page not found message


Link isn’t working for me either


Link doesn’t always show the right page, but this is what I see


If its pre-launch then I guess a 404 is the best that the rest of us can expect. Thats all I got, too. 404.