Apple Pay (Wallet)


In other Apple Pay News, ING has become the second banking institution in Australia after ANZ to support loading the card virtually from within their Internet banking app this feature means no physical card needs to be present to add it to Apple Pay.

It sounds like that’s definitely at the retailer end ANZ does support CDCVM my dad has that card and I’m pretty sure we purchased the dishwasher using that card a couple of months ago with no pin required.

Is the red rooster one and official one or did you make that one yourself? I know the flybys one definitely is and I’ve also done the same.


Yeah, I made it in PassKit. I just find it neater than keeping the red rooster app installed on my phone just for the loyalty card


Just tried to add my Woolworths card and keep getting an error telling me to update my details.

Did this, same error. Giving up.

e: Tried once more, got it working. Now heading to Woolworths to test it out.


Looks good. Good enough to make me think it could’ve been official, for me it doesn’t really matter because I never carry there card around as I only order online from them.

Me and Tony a year or go back we were thinking about starting a user generated website for users to submit PassKit files but with since been distracted by Apple Pay. But in recent times with the lack of official passes available maybe we need to circle back.


@frankie How have you made such lovely passes for IKEA, flybuys, and EBWorld? They’re super professional looking - I’m guessing you have some experience? Had a brief look at but man that’s complex!


Nah, no real experience, just a lot of redoing until I was happy.

For most of them I sourced vector logos from the internet. If I couldn’t find them I’d look inside PDFs, but most sites do have SVG formatted logos.

For the logos I made my canvas 320x100 pixels. For the barcode I used a canvas of 640x225px.

I use the strip area to hold the barcode since most of the barcode types on physical cards aren’t supported in Wallet. I can’t remember what barcode site I used when I created them, but it let me export as SVG.


I really admire the lengths you went to, to get them just right. Pretty masterful really, and I thought I was ‘detail oriented’ (read: a perfectionist). Haha. Amazing stuff - I’ll have to continue playing around with it, thanks so much for the tips!


The Woollies Rewards is awesome. I wonder how long it will take Flybuys to implement the same thing, because I’m seriously using Woollies more as a result.


I’m boring. Still on Stocard for anything thats not native to Wallet.



So Bendigo announced that they support Apple Pay as of today.


Do it


We probably will now, if we can eventually settle on a name that isn’t taken or squatted on. Me and Tony have been searching for about a month.


How does it work though? When I’ve shared passkit files in the past it also shared the developer licence with it.


Because you’re most likely sharing a completed pass. Initially we will probably start by allowing people to share unsigned passes and resources.

Which they can choose to sign themselves with a free developers account (not sure if that’s possible for personal use only) pretty sure you just build the past using Xcode and then you can add that pass to your device unsigned. or a paid developers account.

OR if we get sponsorship advertising or donations we may eventually sign them ourselves, by paying for a Apple Developers Account. But me or Tony are not willing to fork out the cash initially not for this anyway.


Made any progress on this @Kyle-K? I think it’s a great idea!


We have been slowly building the site out. At this stage most of the comparison site for banks offering Apple Pay and now Google Pay formally Android Pay, plus feature support has been completed.

The only thing left really is icons, logos and imagery. Unfortunately we still can’t find a name that isn’t taken by domain name squatter’s. We’ve got a couple but we definitely do not like them.

Regarding Wallet and Passes which I think is the bit that you are most interested in our progress on.

Tony did and has made pretty good progress on this he completed his early development and started on his first pass one for our local library he went all in with this passe even supporting beacons.

After dumbing things down and working out how to build a web generator for the library’s passe system he moved on to Lotterywest’s card I believe he has completed this.

His next step was to build on from what he had learnt to build a more generic system that could be applied to multiple different types of passes easily.

Unfortunately, Tony’s put this on hold at the moment me and him are very busy with work at the moment and his home life and free time is not going to be what it once was now that he’s a father Tony and his wife just have had there first child less than 3-4 months ago.

So there’s definitely not much time and probably not in the near future for side projects unfortunately Tony is the coder out of the two of us so I would say we are definitely permanently on hold with this.

In the meantime, Around about the same time that Tony got our generator working for Lotterywest and our local library.

Tony’s dad’s brother I believe told us not to release our generators into we have the legal side sorted. e.g. terms and conditions and a privacy policy. So would also have to add that to our pipeline.


Apple Pay is finally available in the Apple Store App It’s also available for purchases done through the Apple Website for Visa, MasterCard so no longer restricted to just American Express/AMEX.




JB Hi-Fi, Also now excepts Apple Pay Online Apparently currently it’s only Visa and MasterCard. No American Express/AMEX but apparently JB Hi-Fi has a heavy surcharge if using one of those anyway.

I wonder if they’ll be implementing this over at The Good Guys, which is owned by JB Hi-Fi sometime in the near future.


That’s awesome, the more the merrier