Apple Pay (Wallet)


So it has now been approximately two years since Apple Pay first launched in Australia. How much longer can the big stubborn banks let this go on I wonder.


The Big Banks are in Big Trouble. I wouldnt touch them with a 10 foot bargepole.


I am still with one of them, but for how long is the real question


I use it all the time. It is a great solution. It is the most secure solution. However, I suspect that to the lay person, it is just so much easier to just tap a card.

Many people seem happy to use say 5% of the capabilities of their smartphone. They do not want to spend time to learn, configure or even play with apps.

The readers of this forum are probably the opposite. They enjoy trialling, using and fine tuning apps. They don’t mind the complexity. It is all part of the fun. We say Apple Pay is easy, but others say it is easier still to ignore it.

I doubt Apple Pay will really take off until Apple convinces lay people that the additional security is worth the effort to setup and use It. Only then will the clamour build for the big banks to support Apple Pay.


Customers will know more in general when the banks want them to. ANZ made sure to advertise it broadly when they introduced it, so if/when the other banks introduce it, they should be advertising that fact. Although it’s entirely possibly that once they introduce Apple Pay, begrudgingly, that they will act like children and not advertise it at all


Or they may never introduce it. I see that “Fitbit Pay” is a thing, and the Big Four banks are playing with fitbit.


Citibank is offering ApplePay.

With the revelations from the banking royal commission why are we still giving any of the “big four” our money anyway :roll_eyes:


It’s because the banks refuse to hand over any money to anyone, whereas android pay and the like don’t cost the banks anything.



About time, considering they were a launch partner with Apple Pay. But, they can’t seem to get their story straight. They’ve replaced my Visa card, which does add to Wallet, with a MasterCard which does NOT add to Wallet. sigh


It’s rumoured that Samsung, Garmon and Fitbit are paying banks to integrate.

And yes this is also the case, most of these don’t take a cut of Interchange fees.


They need to stop having a tantrum and just do it. Like the rest of the world has done without an issue.

And they can fuss as much as they like, they’re never, ever going to get their greasy hands on the NFC chip directly.


Suncorp have joined ranks too:

And here I am still waiting for CBA to get on board. I do have an old ANZ account I’ve kept around just for ApplePay, but it’s a PITA to screw about with a bank that’s not my main bank…

CBA has been pretty good to me over the years so it would be a hard decision, my home loan rate is pretty good too, but everytime I see another bank join the list I get a little more encouraged to move the lot.


You and me both, except I gave ANZ the boot and using ING instead (no fees)

I just hope its sooner rather than later. I have hope that it will happen, but it doesn’t make the wait any less annoying


I’ve got to tell you, ANZ has come a long way with improving their internet banking experience. I’m glad I changed from NAB.

And now Beem It has been released it solves the issue of them not being on the new payments platform. Instant transfers between participants with that app. It’s pretty great.

I get the reluctance when you have a home loan tied into an offset account though.


Launch to the public today, available at

I also posted on Whirlpool today when they announced the public launch in an email which they leaked everyone’s email address that happen to be on the beta. They apologise two hours later.

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@Kyle-K Suggested I get my own account over here so he doesn’t have to post every time the spreadsheet has been updated.

Some of you may be already aware that the spreadsheet has been unavailable for quite a few months as I was doing major work on it with @Kyle-K it’s back with a new layout and last weekend Sunday I got all the data back in.

I’m also keeping now somewhat of a change log. This is everything that’s been done since all the data was put back in last Sunday.

Apple Pay Support in AU + NZ (Spreadsheet)

Apple Pay: AU (c.AU.v.4.2)

  • Added Citi to “Promoted Banks” and “All Banks”, Not all data regarding this institution has been added.

  • Removed P&N Bank from “Promoted Banks”. There’s only 16 slots available on Apple’s Website and their slot has been given to Citi.

Apple Pay: AU (c.AU.v.4.3)

  • Added Suncorp to “Promoted Banks” and “All Banks”, Not all data regarding this institution has been added.

  • Removed People’s Choice Credit Union from “Promoted Banks”. There’s only 16 slots available on Apple’s Website and their slot has been given to Suncorp.

Apple Pay: AU (c.AU.v.4.4)

  • Have added some links sections and have now grouped all relevant columns together.

Apple Pay: AU (c.AU.v.4.5)

  • Have entered is much data in the spreadsheet as I can regarding Citi and Suncorp.

Note: Boxes in the spreadsheet that have the field answered but that don’t have a colour background is based on outdated data and will need to be re-confirmed.


Told you to do that months ago. :grin:


Anything to avoid implementing Apple Pay lol.


ANZ announced today support for Apple Pay at 2,400 of there ATMs only works for ANZ customers. You can find out more about this here.

Press release.


Interesting. This is in watchOS 5. Either accidentally left in or possibly launching soon? Probably just wishful thinking on my part. image