Apple Pay (Wallet)


I see the same thing. Dare to dream!


Lol. That’s the spirit!


More like a bug in my opinion. A lot of people from all over the world are reporting seeing Apple Pay Cash, Unless Apple has magically found a special way to roll out to a shitload of countries quickly which is quite doubtful.

I’m going to say bug.

However in saying that if they were going to roll out anywhere next Apple Pay Cash that is I would think with the trouble the banks have been in country here we would probably be next on the list.

Because they could offer an easy way to get around your bank and get everyone a Apple Pay Cash Card. That would be a giant you know what to the banks.


I got an email from CommBank a while ago and it included a link to email the CEO with feedback, so I did. I gave them my thoughts on Apple Pay. This is what they replied:

“We know that Australians like to make the most of the latest payments technology. Apple Pay takes a different approach to mobile payments than we do – and at this stage, it’s not a technology we’ve chosen to adopt. We are always looking for new ways forward and will keep your feedback in mind.”

Typical no-answer answer.


Yeah that is a typical response. You have to vote with your feet, it’s the only way these banks will learn.


Just moving all my accounts to Macquarie actually.

Cya NAB!


grunched the last 2.5 years. Wallet apps have been ridiculously underused by all companies. I should be able to have my Opal, Myki, Hoyts, Village, Qantas, Virgin, … cards and tickets all in my Wallet app, regardless if I’m on Android or iOS. Why are most companies so shit?



arrives late to party… whips out his CBA mastercard… enters details… frowns at the response from his shiny new iPhone 8… searches Googles… sigh…

I think I’m about to follow you. With the whole Spanish Inquisition into the Big 4/etc… I’m ready to move (half) my Super away from CBA, as well as my day to day banking. (Kids banking will probably stay with BankWest (aka CBA) as they do have good rates for kids savings…)