Apple Pay (Wallet)


Good news RE CBA & Apple Pay… though after the Royal Commission I’m (again) looking at non Big 4 options.


Looks like Apple Pay will be coming to Velocity Global Wallet very soon based on this video that they have uploaded to YouTube on Friday.

No information appears to be on the official website I also tried adding my card manually in Apple Pay but its not working there yet either I’m guessing we’ll hear more next week. It’s unclear if this will be rolled out to other products run by Rêv + Cuscal as well.


Also now that the Commonwealth has announced that they are rolling it out to themselves and Bankwest sometime in January next year it will most likely be coming to there New Zealand Subsidiary ASB Bank.

NZ Herald has a story up at the moment and the banks Twitter account has been tweeting out this statement since the Commonwealth Bank announcement.


I have just opened an account with Teachers Mutual Bank (non prof members credit union). I’ll be closing my NAB account in the new year.


Doesn’t look like I posted the promotion from Suncorp here. So here goes.

Suncorp New Account + 5 Transaction Cash Back ($50) for Using Apple Pay.

However when it comes to their Internet banking and mobile phone apps there a little bit behind people like UP and Macquarie.


Took them long enough but someone finally took down the Velocity Global Wallet video from YouTube today. but never mind because I have a backup.


Update: Velocity Global Wallet Support seem to be sending out templated based replies and responses via telephone regarding the Apple Pay launch with indications that they hope to have it launched in January as well.

I’ve also pushed out a major update to the spreadsheet. With removals of some institutions, adding in new missing institutions changing things so we don’t follow apple’s list any more breaking certain companies card products out individually and I’ve even added three neobanks :86 400, Douugh and Revolut that have announced their intentions to have Apple Pay at launch to the “Coming Soon Unknown Time Frame” section in the spreadsheet along with UBank.


Any other CommBank customers trying to add their card at least once a day? Just me? Lol


I’m not in that urgent a need for Apple Pay from CommBank. When it happens, it happens :slight_smile:

I mostly use paypal for my online purchases atm.


LOL! Just you, I think. I tried just once, this morning, and its telling me my card issuer wont allow it. Its an old commbank visa. meh, dont care, really.


It’s alright, I’ll be posting here as soon as it goes live anyways so no need to try lol


Not trying. I figure Enough other nerds are doing that on at least a daily basis that I’ll find out probably within minutes of it going live.


Signed up with Suncorp just for the $50 offer. No intention of ever using them day to day, so I’ll just close it once the reward comes in.

However, it was impressive how easy it was to open an account (took me 3 minutes tops), and the physical card arrived today (10th) - I signed up on the 8th.


I tried but just keep googling each day to see if there is any news of it happening yet…



It’s a bummer their Internet banking and mobile app isn’t that impressive. It was also unbelievable how quick you could open up to 9 savings accounts in one fell swoop to.


Twiddles thumb while waiting. since we’re now pretty much 50% through January, there’s a now a 50% chance that we’ll get Apple Pay for CBA and Bankwest in the next 7 days :wink:


I’m guessing it will be 31st lol


Bankwest is getting Apple Pay? Did I miss an announcement?


They sure are, it was in the original announcement post by CommBank

“As part of our commitment to becoming a better, simpler bank and providing the best digital banking experience for our customers, Commonwealth Bank is pleased to confirm that Apple Pay will be available to CBA and Bankwest customers in January 2019.“


It’s also on their website.