Apple Pay (Wallet)


Notice that tweet has been taken down now. Wonder what they offered him.


Another one. If this guy works there, he won’t for much longer. Seems like Wednesday is the day.


Looks like mine was probably a copy and possibly not the original user on Twitter.

I’m going to take a guess that this is the original tweeter.


Well, looks like there’s a high chance it’ll be Wednesday latest. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a day earlier even. I’ve already gone ahead and closed my account with ING, which I made specifically for Apple Pay


You really think Comm Bank is a good bank? Seriously, I won’t do business with them I unless have to. Their fees and support are not great.


I’ve been with them a long time, they look after me well enough. :man_shrugging:t3:


That makes sense. They are not good for newer customers. Trying to get favours or fees removed post Royal Commission is much harder these days. That makes them less compelling for new customers, so another bank is worth looking at for those users


I’m with them for mortgages, so it’s not that easy to move away, and even if I wanted to move, getting refinanced elsewhere isn’t as easy as it used to be. So although I’m still angry at them for prolonging the agony for so long, I’ll take this tiny olive branch. I also have a very slight soft spot for them because I worked there for my first job, but i left in 1995 so they’re a very different organisation now :wink:


Open banking is coming this year. Moving away will be very easy from any bank. You tick the box and all your balances and detailed spending data is shared with another bank. Very few forms to fill in then.

I leave mortgages to Finance Brokers, they fill in all the forms and get you a better deal than most people can get and very little work on your part.

I do have CBA accounts as well. Sounds like Wednesday 23rd for Apple Pay.


Very little work on your part is true… But don’t ever assume a broker is getting you the best of anything - they are getting you the best commission for them.

I’m not saying not to use one… I certainly did for both my previous mortgages… But you shouldn’t blinkeredly trust them.


I deal with brokers for other reasons a few times a year. These days they are better placed than before, as they need to jump through more hoops for accreditation. They are supposed to work for you. They are no different to anyone else you do business with. Getting a mortgage is usually a once in a lifetime event for a lot of people, so it’s good to go in with someone on your side. It’s buyer beware like anything else. Going in green to a bank is the wrong thing to do.


enough with the bank pissing contest.

Westpac and NAB will be soon joining ANZ and CommBank:


These bastards had their chance and blew it. I moved to ANZ and I’ll never go back.

I also see Beem It as more of a Paypal competitor than an Apple Pay competitor. Very weird analysis on that one.


Ladies and gentleman, Apple Pay is now available for Commonwealth Bank customers. I just activated mine :smile:



The Commonwealth Bank and Bankwest support for Apple Pay that was teased late last year as coming in January. Launch today at midnight, Official launch press will probably be pushed at midday.

I’ll be tracking features implemented and they will be reflected on my spreadsheet based on reports over the next couple of days.


About to set my CBA CC up. But, whilst I am thinking of it, how can I get rid of the Apple Pay Cash “card” from my watch. Its not enabled in the phone, and I dont want to use it at all. I’m sure that on previous OS updates it was not in my watch but I cant see how to dump it!


Your watch has Apple Pay Cash? How strange


Set up Apple Pay just now :slight_smile:


Now that the wait for Apple Pay is over, at least for me. The long wait for Apple Pay Cash continues. :man_shrugging:t3:



Its a PITA. Its stuck between two of my debit cards. And NO, Apple, I am NOT going to set it up.